Roof renewal - what you can do

When it comes to roof renewal, there are a few things to keep in mind - and there are also some ways you can renew your roof. Read more here in this post.

Renew old roofs

Roofs gnaw the ravages of time - despite decades of guaranteed durability of individual tile models, there comes a time when the roofing needs to be renewed or renovated.

In many cases, especially when buying an old building, the question arises of how to recognize when a roof needs to be renovated.

Indications that a roof renovation is necessary

  • if damage to the covering is visible (fallen, slipped roof tiles)
  • if there are moist spots on the inside or mildew caused by leakage
  • if slats or logs are rotten, cracked, cracked or traces of sawdust are visible (woodworm infestation)

If the attic itself is still intact, only the defective roofing needs to be renewed. Especially with clay tiles, this can be problematic but optically, since many brick models are often no longer available in a few years, and therefore can be replaced at most by similar models as possible, but never looks particularly nice.

When Neuindecken there are also some ways to choose a different cover than the original. Concrete tiles, for example, are significantly cheaper than conventional clay roof tiles and can offer a cost advantage for new roofing.

Eternit is also an alternative to conventional clay roof tiles, but there are also roof tiles made of sheet metal or plastic. Depending on the pan model and material, the costs for the new roofing are often significantly different.

Optical roof renovation

If only the tiles have become unsightly, or the color no longer wants to fit the new facade, there is also the possibility of different colors or re-coat roof tiles.

For this they are also first cleaned and freed of moss - this measure alone can make a battered looking roof shine again in a whole new splendor. The cost of a professional roof cleaning and sealing or coating can be consistently in the range of several thousand euros.

Tips & Tricks

Please note that the load-bearing capacity of the roof must be given for new roofing with concrete blocks - not everywhere clay roof tiles were covered, concrete blocks can be used afterwards.

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