Seal the roof - shine and protection

If you do not already have engobed or glazed roof tiles, you can catch up with a suitable seal also. You can read about how to professionally treat a roof.

What the seal brings

Roof tiles are usually guaranteed 25 or 35 years tight - but not necessarily visually like the first day. Dirt and moss can even clog tiles very quickly, making the roof look very unsightly.

The sealing of roof tiles reseals the porous surfaces of roof tiles, causing water to run faster. So that can not accumulate so much dirt on the roof tiles.

In addition, a very advanced coating with nano-lacquers leads to the fact that dirt can no longer settle at all, and even moss finds almost no starting point.

However, such coatings are usually relatively expensive and must be properly applied to be truly effective. But they are a good alternative after all.

What causes a seal - and what not

  • The previous roof cleaning also frees an old roof from dirt and moss
  • Dirt, moss and lichens are less able to settle, the roof stays nice for longer
  • the roof tightness is not affected by a seal
  • The roof "works" just as well without coating

Roof self-sealing - step by step

  • mains water supply
  • Sealant (there are special products for roof sealing)
  • high pressure cleaner
  • framework
  • personal security equipment
  • paint Roller

1. Install fuses

Only work on the roof if you are completely free from giddiness and are absolutely sure-footed. In addition, you have to secure yourself and your scaffold sufficiently and professionally - there are legal regulations.

2. Clean the roof

Use the pressure washer to remove all dirt from the roof, as well as moss, lichen and dirt. The easiest way to do this is with hot water high pressure washers, and at critical points with rotating brush attachments.

3. Apply sealant

Let the roof tiles dry thoroughly, then you can apply the sealing varnish with the paint roller with enough coverage. Most products require a two-coat application with intermediate drying time.

Tips & Tricks

Take a look at the current weather report before you start. You should choose some sunny days for the works. There, the roof dries the fastest.

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