Roof Forms - Choosing the Right Roof Shape: Saddle Roof, Hipped Roof or Mansard Roof?

Which roof shape is the right one for whom?

Roof Forms - Choosing the Right Roof Shape: Saddle Roof, Hipped Roof or Mansard Roof?: hipped

The Saddle roof is still the most popular roof shape on German family houses. No wonder, after all, the classic with its two roof sides a sympathetic and solid Impression.

Saddle roofs fit harmoniously into almost any environment. Practically, this roof shape anyway - not least thanks to various combination options with other roof shapes, so that arise approximately in plan view T or L shapes.

Hipped roof and cripple whale roof

Another distinctive roof shape embodies that Hipped roof or cripple whale roof, Thanks to the small gabled roof areas, the house is protected on four sides from wind and weather. But other roof shapes can convince.

mansard roof

A specially for urban residential areas typical roof shape is the so-called mansard roof. Its form not only symbolizes elegance, but also pursues a practical goal: through the Stufigkeit the roof surface, the interior has correspondingly high living spaces on the roof side.

Thus, this, especially in old buildings admiring roof shape, not only a visual highlight, but also has a practical advantage for the residents.

tent roof

In contrast, romantic Mediterranean houses with a tent roof on. Characteristic of this are the slightly inclined, uniform roof sides, through which the tent roof a especially quiet and comfortable atmosphere receives.

Choice of roof shape is final

However, before the final choice of roof shape, builders should consider the following, as the experts of clay roof tile manufacturers emphasize: Once the roof truss is in place, the exterior of the roof can only be changed in details.

Therefore, it is important to balance the momentous decision well. After all, the house roof should not only be considered Shield, but also as a visual eye-catcher To ensure this, the roof shape should blend in as well as possible with the particular architectural style of the house.

Which roof shape is particularly suitable for loft conversion?

Roof Forms - Choosing the Right Roof Shape: Saddle Roof, Hipped Roof or Mansard Roof?: hipped

The diagram on the right shows three different roof shapes.

The saddle roof (Number 1) offers good conditions for expansion - but only if there is a sufficiently steep inclination angle.

The hipped roof (Number 2) is unfortunately a little less favorable for the acquisition of new living space: The slopes on all four sides reduce the usable space in hipped roofs.

In the hipped roofs, light and air can only be brought into the new top floor through elaborate dormers or skylights.

The mansard roof (Number 3), on the other hand, is fundamentally expandable. For Masard roofs have a basically space-creating edge.

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