Roof construction made of wood - a sure thing

Most roof structures in residential buildings are made of wood. This material ensures the stability against wind and storm and carries the roofing that is attached to it. What is still important in the roof construction, you can see here.

Roof construction or roof truss

Actually, the roof truss designates only a part of the construction of the roof, but generally it is used for the roof construction simplifying. The most common variants of both saddle roof and hipped roof, for example, the rafter and the purlin roof.

Both variants are made of wood and may possibly still be completed by throat bar. Even a pure Kehlbalkendach is often found. However, the higher and steeper the roof construction is, the more frequently it will be used as a medium purifier.

Individual parts of the roof structure made of wood

  • rafter
  • purlins
  • battens
  • Kehlbalken


The rafters are one of the most important elements in the roof construction. They are the upright sloping beams that meet at the ridge, so usually in the middle. On them the thinner roof battens are fastened.

The rafters always have a rectangular basic dimension and are set up with the narrow side facing outwards. This serves the statics and the stability.

The strength, ie the cross-section of the rafters, is the stability of the house. Today, however, the rafters are usually selected larger than necessary, so that between them a sufficiently thick insulation can be used.


The battens are also usually rectangular and not square. But they are nailed flat on them in contrast to the rafters.

On the roof battens the roofing is attached. They must therefore be placed at a certain distance. Depending on the type of tiles or roof tiles, this distance is different and must be strictly adhered to in order to safely receive the covering.


The purlins support the rafters. For example, in the case of a pitched roof, which is constructed as a purlin roof, a middle purlin is placed right at the top between the rafters.

Then a so-called Mittelpfette is responsible for intercepting the rafters in the middle once and take part of the weight of the roof construction. Finally, a Fußpfette is partly still installed at the lower edge of the roof.

Tips & Tricks

For the wooden roof construction you should not buy the cheapest wood. B-goods prohibits itself here by itself, if you want a solid roof truss for your own home.

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