Roof structure - what does it mean?

The term roof structure is rarely used. Basically, the entire construction of the roof, which provides stability, is the roof structure. Often it is simply named as a roof, which is not quite true but in use.

Rafter roof or purlin roof

Two of the classic designs of the roof structure are the purlins and the rafter roof. The rafters form the sloping girders, which carry the outer roof skin through their nailed roof battens. The roof structure, however, consists of many other important elements.

Purlins in the roof structure

In a roof structure, three different Dachpfetten can be installed. For example, the top one, where the upper ends of the rafters meet in a pitched roof, is the ridge purlin. Halfway up, for example, is the so-called middle purlin.

At the very bottom of the wall wreath lies the foot purlin on the long sides. On it rest the lower ends of the rafters. By using a foot purlin, it is easier to work out the punch and the eaves later.

Roof structure determines the roof shape

Of course, the shape of a roof depends entirely on the roof structure. Whether saddle roof or hipped roof, flat roof or pitched roof, all roofs need a roof structure on which rests the outer roof skin.

Wood the classic material

Wood has always been classically the building material that makes up the roof structure. Only later came roof trusses made of metal or concrete. Especially in large halls iron girders are often installed with a large span.

In residential construction, however, wood is almost always the preferred material for a roof structure that protects and supports a building.

Tips & Tricks

The roof structure or the roof construction is one of the most important elements in building a house. Do not buy the cheapest wood for it. After all, they want to have a roof over their heads for many decades to come.

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