Roof terrace: the construction

Rooftop terraces provide a great way to integrate a patio into a house to save space - especially if there is not enough garden available. For the construction of the roof terrace but there are some factors to consider. What must be taken into account, you will learn in this post.

Suitable roof shapes

A roof terrace can be created on a flat roof as well as on a pitched roof. Important, however, is the sufficient load capacity of the roof.

In the flat roof, the terrace is simply created on the roof, the steep roof, however, a corresponding roof cutout must be made. Depending on the roof structure, additional reinforcements for the remaining roof section must be included in order to maintain the load-bearing capacity of the roof.

An easy way for the installation offer prefabricated roof balconies of roof windows manufacturer. About several adjacent roof windows, such a balcony can usually be realized comparatively inexpensive in the pitched roof.

Static planning

In any case, a static assessment and a determination of the load-bearing capacity is required before planning. If there is no adequate load-bearing capacity, the roof must be reinforced in any case before a terrace can be built.

Especially required reinforcements often drive the costs for the construction of a roof terrace to enormous heights - in addition, the planning effort in these cases is significantly greater.


An important role in the design of roof terraces also plays the sealing. It must be ensured

  • that incident rainwater is sufficiently derived from the terrace
  • no stagnant water can form
  • from other parts of the roof construction no water flows to the terrace
  • Stagnant water can not penetrate the masonry

For this it is necessary to plan the later drainage of the terrace already during the planning. During the execution of the waterproofing waterproof layers (bitumen layer) are used below the roof terrace, in addition, may need to take additional measures for sealing.

Exit to a flat roof

Rooftop terraces on the flat roof require an exit or a stairwell to access the flat roof. Again, careful planning is essential. Exits must also be sufficiently sealed to prevent the ingress of water safely.

building permit

For each roof terrace a building permit is required. A static assessment of the construction must be included in each case. Only if the construction complies with all building regulations, it also has the prospect of approval. Unauthorized built roof terraces must be dismantled frequently.

For the execution you should definitely turn to a specialist company. As a rule, roofing companies can take over both the required planning and the proper execution.

Tips & Tricks

Also with regard to thermal insulation, sufficient measures must be taken. Above all, it is important that there are no thermal bridges that later cause moisture in the attic and can lead to mold growth.

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