Rooftop garage - is this possible?

An unused garage roof invites you to build a roof terrace on it. Whether this is fundamentally possible, what conditions must be met, and what to look out for, you will learn in detail in this post.


Basically, roof terraces on a garage roof are subject to approval. This is also confirmed by several administrative court judgments, which always regard "non-negligible building structures" in roof terraces.

There are various prerequisites for this, which must first be legally examined:

  • sufficient structural safety and legal compliance of the planned roof terrace
  • sufficient load-bearing capacity of the garage construction
  • adequate safety and legal compliance of the access device (stairs, etc.)
  • Adherence to neighborhood law requirements (border distances, neighboring rights, etc.)
  • Compliance with the requirements of the development plan

Accordingly, the roof terrace must not only comply with the state building code of the respective federal state, but also be built in accordance with the development plan and the applicable neighboring law in the state. If a neighbor's consent to the construction is required, it must be present.

The obligation to approve is also based on the fact that the erection of a roof terrace in the legal sense is a use change the garage is acting.

Even more requirements are to be considered when building a winter garden on the garage roof. Even if a winter garden is to be subsequently built on an already approved roof terrace, this requires separate approval.

Roof terrace on border garages

If a garage is (legally) built directly on the property boundary, it is even more difficult with the approval. A roof terrace on border garages is sometimes approved, in other cases rejected. Also the courts meet here, if they are called, depending on the individual case always different decisions. However, if one can agree with the building office and the neighbor, there should be no problem.


Anyone who erects a roof terrace on the garage roof without having previously obtained a permit (building application), has a so-called black building. This not only threatens sensitive fines, but in the worst case, a demand of the Office for demolition or demolition. In the case of legally compliant construction, a subsequent approval is usually possible.

Tips & Tricks

For the construction of a roof terrace on the garage roof, many - also municipal - restrictions apply. In any case, inform yourself in advance at the responsible building office, which is possible at all, and plan accordingly. Make sure you talk to your neighbor.

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