Roof terrace with conservatory - what you have to consider

If there is little space on the property, people often play with the idea of ​​creating a winter garden as a roof garden. What you have to pay attention to, and what should be considered, you will learn in detail in this post.


Even a normal roof terrace is always subject to approval. It does not matter whether the rooftop terrace is simply the roof of an already existing (approved) garage, or the flat or pitched roof of the main building receives a terrace.

Even conservatories are always subject to approval as "not insignificant structures". If you want to build a conservatory later on a roof terrace, that is always subject to approval. Here, plans and also a static report must be submitted, which certifies a sufficient bearing capacity of the roof for the planned construction.

Other points to consider

In addition, there may be other problems:

  • Permissibility according to the locally applicable development plan
  • Permissibility of the construction according to the applicable state building regulations
  • Have a say or consent from the applicable neighboring law

Required minimum distances from property boundaries must always be adhered to. Neighbors must not be disadvantaged or affected by the construction. In some federal states, the neighbors must also explicitly (in writing) agree to the construction.

design options

The simplest is the construction of such a winter garden, if custom made kit conservatories are used. All plans are already in place and the approval procedure will certainly be simplified in this case, since no planning has to be carried out by the architect.

For such a winter garden, for example, the previously unused roof of a garage lying on the house can be used if it has sufficient capacity, and a construction is possible there.

Heated and unheated variants

If you only want to produce an unheated variant (simple overbuilding solution), you will have much less problems. On the other hand, in a so-called "residential winter garden", which is heated, all the requirements of the EnEV must be met:

  • Minimum insulation of the floor area
  • U-value of the wall must not exceed a maximum value, the U-value of the thermal insulation glazing must not exceed 1.1
  • The winter garden must always be airtight.
  • a corresponding heating or heating extension must be available, as well as a ventilation system

Incidentally, the construction of such a residential winter garden also increases the total living space of the building.

Tips & Tricks

Building law is also always required that the so-called overhead glazing (ie the conservatory roof) must necessarily consist of laminated safety glass (laminated safety glass).

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