Roof terrace with wooden floor - you must pay attention

Wooden terraces are still among the most popular types of terraces. This also applies to roof terraces. What you always have to pay attention to in the case of a wooden terrace or a wooden floor covering on the roof terrace is explained in detail in this article.


If the roof is sufficiently stable, you can easily create a wooden terrace on it. But important are good planning and the use of the right kind of wood.


As a substructure particularly stable woods should be used, which also have little tendency to warping and size changes. Especially popular and long-proven for this are Bangkirai wearers. In question, however, other types of wood, which are sufficiently stable.

The distances between the supporting beams of the substructure must not be too large. Optimal are usually 50 cm. It is also important to ensure adequate moisture protection in the substructure.

It is also important to protect the support points of the substructure, especially if it is a flat roof sealed with bitumen membranes.

wooden planking

Very problematic for the wooden surface is UV light (due to the sunlight on the terrace). The lignin of the wood can decompose as a result, the wood surface scents quickly. This often creates a problem with tightness.

The planking of the wooden terrace must therefore be treated very carefully with a suitable wood preservative. At least once a year you should check whether the wood preservation is still intact, and if necessary renew it at an early stage.

Damage should be repaired in any case, so that no water can penetrate through the wood surface and below the terrace no stagnant water can form. That would be problematic for the roof.

Wooden floor on the terrace

If a roof terrace is only covered with a wooden floor, the same applies here as for the wood planking. In this case, you should also fall back on particularly weather-resistant types of wood. This does not necessarily have to be tropical wood: local Robinia wood is an excellent and much more ecological substitute.

Tips & Tricks

Especially the professional and adequate sealing of a roof terrace made of wood is quite a difficult undertaking. In any case, leave a specialist to work for the planning - you will need it anyway, as every rooftop terrace is subject to approval.

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