Roof tiles flat, the designer pieces under the roof tiles

Optically, flat tiles look very impressive. They go well with modern buildings with clean lines, but often make good on other buildings. What else is there to know about flat tiles, where to get them and what they cost, you will learn here in this post.

Flat and stylish

Flat tiles create a completely different look than other forms of roofing. She looks puristic, minimalist and very straightforward. The visual effect can still be influenced by ceilings of the roof surface in stringent lines or in the association of the roofer.

The designs, colors and surfaces of flat bricks are today very diverse - in most cases, however, smooth surfaces are offered in order not to diminish the visual impact. Engobed or glazed models are also very common.

Roof tiles flat, the designer pieces under the roof tiles: roof

However, flat tiles are not to be confused with flat roof tiles. Most flat tiles also require a regular roof pitch of more than 30° for laying, while flat roof tiles are specially designed for very flat roofs with very low inclinations.

These are therefore very different products that have nothing to do with each other except the name similarity.

Depending on the design and format, flat tiles vary considerably in price, with unit prices starting at around 1.10 EUR, but can also be significantly higher.

The essential properties of flat bricks

  • they usually have a larger format than other forms of roofing
  • their surface is smooth and polished
  • they have no elevations or folds

Sources of supply on the Internet

  • Braas has a large selection of different roof coverings to choose from
  • There are a lot of roof coverings, as well as a lot of useful information about materials, forms and installation.
  • The well-known manufacturer carries a huge range of different clay tiles in all sorts of formats, colors and surface designs

That way you can save costs

Flat tiles are not so widely used in the trade, so price comparisons can sometimes be a bit difficult, but usually worthwhile.

Tips & Tricks

An alternative to conventional clay tiles are often the much cheaper concrete blocks.

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