Roof tiles Dimensions - important dimensions at a glance

Depending on the model, roof tiles have a different dimension. For the calculation of the required amount of roof tiles for a new roofing the dimension of the tiles is important. Therefore, we show here the different dimensions of roof tiles.

Dimensions of roof tiles

Since the strength of the tile has a decisive influence on the stability, we sorted the bricks according to their strength.

  • Flat roof tile 430 x 275 mm - thickness 70 mm
  • Romanesque brick 434 x 258 mm - thickness 65 mm
  • Hollow folding tile 445 x 243 mm - thickness 60 mm
  • Double hollow folding tile 400 x 255 mm - thickness 50 mm
  • Reform tile 430 x 255 mm - thickness 50 mm

flat roof tiles

The name may be somewhat ambiguous, because the flat roof tile can be covered on roofs with a slight inclination of about 22 degrees. But not on a flat roof. He weighs only about 3 kilograms and is thus somewhat stubborn despite his great strength.

Roof tiles Dimensions - important dimensions at a glance: dimensions

double depression

The Doppelmuldenfalzziegel is the oldest pressed roof tile, he is also one of the storm-proof roof tiles ever. It can be found on countless modern buildings throughout Germany and also on many historic buildings.

With a weight of about 3.6 kilograms of Doppelmuldenfalzziegel is in the middle. He can not be used under 30 degrees roof pitch. Therefore, it is not suitable for most hipped roofs.

Romanesque brick

Especially the new Mediterranean city villas can be dressed perfectly with the Romanesque brick. Its curved shape exudes a Mediterranean flair and can still be safely covered with a low roof pitch of only 22 degrees.

Each Romanesque tile weighs 3.6 kilograms and has a circumferential Ringverfalzung what makes him very storm-proof.

With the Romanesque roof tile you bring a visually varied image on the roof, as light and shadow quickly alternate with the high conical ridge and thus creates an interesting game.

Tips & Tricks

In a renovation, you should try to either get the same roof tiles that were previously on the roof or use the reformed tiles. These can be moved a little and are so much more flexible.

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