Tile Peise: where are cheap roof tiles?

A good way to reduce the cost of roofing, of course, is to save on the roof tiles and cheaper to use. Where there are cheap roof tiles, which are and from which the price depends on the end, you will learn in this post.

Unit prices are not always conclusive

Often one can be deceived by low unit prices - in fact, these individual prices for roof tiles in reality only a little. The cheap models at first glance can suddenly turn out to be the comparatively most expensive variant in a calculation - as is often the case with the classic beaver.

What else is important about roof tiles besides the price?

according to the number of bricks you need per square meter
according to the chosen cover type: double cover, single cover or crown cover
after the durability of roof tiles

Tile Peise: where are cheap roof tiles?: roof

Sources of supply on the Internet

  • roofdecker.com: On this page you will find a price comparison for Roof tiles of all kinds, as well as an overview of roofing companies in your area.
  • benz24.de: Benz offers again and again discounted promotional items at special prices, almost always this involves high-quality branded goods.
  • frankebaustoffe.com: Here you will not only find special items, but also roof tiles of 2nd choice, which can also be a cheap alternative.

That way you can save costs

Compare the prices, look around for special items and action tiles, possibly also for bricks 2nd choice. In advance, you should have already determined with the roofer, which brick model is best for your roof and is likely to be the cheapest - this is not the same for every roof.

Tips & Tricks

Clay tiles are used mainly for roofing today - but they are not the only option. Compare also the prices for roof tiles made of concrete or Eternit and the prices of other alternatives that are still available for your roof. Maybe that can be an option too.

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