Roof tiles - weight distinguishes the models

In clay roof tiles, the weight of a single pan depends on the model. There are very different heavy roof tiles. But this is important if you want to calculate the load capacity of the new roofing.

Weight decides on substructure

The substructure must carry correspondingly more weight for a particularly heavy roof tile. Of course, this also makes the construction of beams and slats, which form the roof truss, more expensive.

One must remember that even with a house with a floor space of six by ten meters and a roof pitch of 35 degrees about 1,100 roof tiles on the roof.

Roof tiles - weight distinguishes the models: models

The lightest clay roof tiles are about two kilos heavy and the very heavy species weigh just over four kilos. Differences in weight of up to two kilos per brick are already decisive for the mentioned 1,100 pans.

Weight of roof tiles

Of course, not all types of roof tiles with their respective weights are listed here. It should be conveyed only an impression of how big the difference between the different varieties can be.

  • Tandem Junior - 2.05 kilos
  • Vario Hohlfalzziegel - 2.9 kilos
  • Double Folded Brick - 3,1 kilos
  • Tandem - 4.1 kilos
  • Vario junior twin - 4.4 kilos

Tips & Tricks

Keep in mind that a very light roof tile not only has advantages. In a storm, it lifts off easier, and even if he does not quite fall down or break, it makes a lot of noise.

At the lake and in areas with frequent storm gusts a lightweight roof tile is therefore not recommended. A heavier roof tile is also better protected against frost damage. While the light usually thinner pan can be destroyed by frost.

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