Roof tiles of 2nd choice, an alternative?

Roof tiles of 2nd choice can often be much cheaper than the regular models. What quality losses you can expect here and whether roof tiles 2nd choice can be an alternative, you will find in this article answered, in addition, some sources for roof tiles 2nd election on the Internet.

Roof tile 2nd choice - significantly cheaper due to slight defects

Many have doubts about using roof tiles 2nd choice - we all have a tendency to avoid substandard quality in just about all products. In the case of roof tiles, however, this can definitely be a worthwhile alternative, which helps to save a lot of costs.

How severe the quality defects weigh, you can judge in each case only on the respective brick and your senses. However, bricks with severe quality defects usually do not come on the market.

Roof tiles of 2nd choice, an alternative?: choice

These are usually slight color differences or other rather marginal production-related deviations. Even so-called first bricks are often offered cheaper, but in most cases not as a second choice, but only discounted.

other alternatives to find cheaper brick overall

  • Use cheaper brick models, or a model with less space
  • consider another type of coverage (if possible)
  • think about possible alternatives to clay tiles - for example concrete blocks
  • Use remainders and special offers that have no quality defects

Sources of supply on the Internet

  • The building materials dealer regularly offers not only special offers and remainders but also roof tiles 2nd choice
  • In addition to discounted branded goods, Benz also regularly offers second-choice roof tiles
  • Here you will find roof tiles with slight deviations from the manufacturer's own production at discounted prices

Otherwise you can save costs

Together with your roofer, consider which alternatives still exist for your roof. Depending on the roof type and roof angle, there may be other solutions, such as a different type of cover, tile or a brick model, which is cheaper overall.

Tips & Tricks

Compare also the costs to alternative materials - even if most houses are covered with clay tiles, this does not mean that there are no other possibilities. For example, concrete blocks are sometimes offered very cheaply and can often be a very cheap alternative if the roof allows it.

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