Roof tile in black: noble and timeless

Black roof tiles are unobtrusive and look elegant and timeless - even on modern residential buildings. Where to get such roof tiles, which shapes there are and what roof tiles in black cost approximately, you can read in this post.

Roof tiles can have very different shapes

There are many different types of tiles used for covering with clay tiles - the classic is indeed the beaver tail, but there are a large number of other variants, some of which are listed below.

In addition to the shape, roof tiles then also differ in the type of surface treatment - from engobed over glazed to brushed or simply smooth. Each surface treatment offers different material properties.

Roof tile in black: noble and timeless: roof

The classic Biberschwanz is already from about 0.70 EUR per piece in the trade, however, the consumption per square meter is relatively high in the Biberschwanz - therefore often come other brick shapes, depending on the version with 1.50 to 2.00 to book book, often cheaper in the end.

Some common roof tile shapes

  • Biberschwanz in different variations
  • Falzbiber as a cheap alternative
  • Barrel tile
  • Frankfurt pan
  • double depression

Sources of supply on the Internet

  • The manufacturer with the well-known name has a rich assortment of different clay tiles in all colors and shapes
  • Laumans also offers a rich selection of roof tiles in all shapes and colors
  • The manufacturer Creaton also has an extensive range of different roof tiles in the program

That way you can save costs

There are expensive and cheap tile shapes, and this also applies to the type of coverage used, which can also cause very different costs. The cheapest alternative is then concrete tiles instead of clay tiles. They are also available in different colors.

Tips & Tricks

Do not be guided by the individual prices when choosing tiles, but always determine the price per square meter for your desired installation - otherwise you will be misled.

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