Plastic roof tiles: lighter than light

Similar to sheet metal roof tiles, plastic roof tiles also offer an extreme weight advantage over classic materials such as clay or concrete. Find out what else there is to know about these special tiles, and where to get them for what price, in this post.

Extremely low weight and high durability

Especially where the load-bearing capacity of the roof is not very high, plastic roof tiles are of course a very good option for roofing, which has some important advantages over conventional "lightweight variants" such as bitumen shingles or sheet metal.

The use of the - still not very widespread - product is mainly aimed at smaller roofs without proper roof construction, as is the case with canopies, garden sheds or carports.

Plastic roof tiles: lighter than light: tiles

Although the color variants are very limited compared to conventional materials in plastic, as these bricks are hardly used for real roofing, this plays a rather minor role.

Advantages of plastic roof tiles

  • very light - about one third of the weight of a clay brick
  • kicks, almost always completely unbreakable
  • hail-proof
  • no moisture damage and frost damage
  • compared to clay tiles 20% less demand because of lower coverage during installation
  • Price savings also by larger possible lath spacing


The prices depend on the size of the tiles - but usually start at just over 1 EUR per piece. Lower quantities may also be cheaper.

Plastic roof tiles at online retailers

  • The building material trade on the Internet offers, among other things, a complete plastic roof tile system that is particularly easy to process.
  • Also in the Amazon hardware store there are plastic tiles, but you should always pay close attention to delivery and shipping conditions.
  • In the colorful garden world plastic roof tiles are also made of 100% recyclable plastic offered, plus some special pans.

So it is cheaper

Plastic is only one possible material for lightweight roofing. For your specific project, compare best all the alternatives that are offered according to the respective total square meter price.

Tips & Tricks

Even with many smaller buildings such as garden sheds, the required load bearing capacity of the roof is often given, in order to rely on classic materials instead of plastic. After all, a visually attractive alternative.

Video Board: RoofEco System - Installation Tutorial for Plastic Rooftiles