Roof tiles made of plastic in various forms

The modern plastics industry has developed very durable and UV-resistant materials that are also suitable for the production of roof tiles. While simpler plastics should only be used for garden sheds or sheds, high-performance plastics can also be used on normal residential buildings.

Types of plastics

Basically, there are two types of plastics to distinguish. The cheaper products are made of ingredients that are designed for a few years of life and are suitable for small construction projects such as garden sheds, sheds or tree houses for children.

The roof tiles made of cheap plastics such as the widely used PVC are rarely UV-resistant and are best suited for temporary coverings such as for rent.

Roof tiles made of plastic in various forms: plastic

In the area of ​​the highest quality plastics, roof tiles are produced that are comparable to other materials with their properties such as stability and durability. Roof pans made of polymer mineral material, often obtained from recycling, are hail-resistant, walkable and UV-stable.

Accompanying costs and prices

Special properties are combined in plastic roof tiles, which in other materials must first be produced by pre- and post-processing methods.

  • Plastic roof tiles are corrosion-free
  • Through-colored roof tiles are UV-resistant for a long time
  • The light weight allows mounting on trusses of all kinds.
  • The plastic in the tiles acts simultaneously heat and sound insulating.
  • Modern manufacturing processes create deceptively real brick looks.
  • High-quality plastics make the roof tiles fireproof.

General merchants on the Internet

  • offers technologically advanced plastics in the design of classic roof tiles.
  • refers to sources of supply for very cheap PVC roof tiles.
  • produces its roof tiles from completely recyclable plastics.

Roof tiles made of PVC cost just a few euros per square meter, and the square meter prices start at around ten euros from technologically advanced plastics.

Tips & Tricks

The top products of the brand manufacturers give up to thirty years warranty on their products as with traditional roof tiles.

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