Renew roof tiles - this is how you easily replace damaged roof tiles

Roof tiles can get cracked by the weather or by inspections quickly, which can then grow into larger damage. How to quickly and professionally replace individual roof tiles, this article reveals.

Damaged roof tiles should be replaced as soon as possible

Both by weather conditions, as well as by the inspections of the roofer or chimney sweep tiles can get cracks. These cracks will then over time lead to major damage.

Roof tiles, however, should be replaced as early as possible if they are damaged in order to ensure the tightness of the roof. It always depends on which brick type is laid on the roof.

Renew roof tiles - this is how you easily replace damaged roof tiles: renew

With a few simple steps, you can easily replace the individual, damaged roof tiles.

Which types of tiles can be found on your roof

  • interlocking tiles
  • Flat bricks, these two types make up the main part
  • other types of bricks, such as Roman bricks or Tuscan bricks, which are rare

Replace roof tiles like a professional

  • small wooden wedges
  • Scaffolding and safety devices
  • cloth
  • wide spatula for flat tiles
  • ev. Hammer and chisel

1. Set up scaffolding

For roof work, a suitable scaffold must always be set up if you can not reach the roof by other means. This also includes the corresponding, prescribed safeguards for intrinsic safety. Never take it lightly.

2. Replace folding tiles

Folding tiles are easy and simple to remove if you fix the overlapping and overlying tiles with a wooden wedge. Just lift the damaged brick lightly.

To mount the new tile you only need to push it in and lower it slightly.

3. Replacing flat tiles

For flat tiles that are laid differently than folding tiles, they must wedge the two overlying tiles.

If the flat tile is nailed, you can usually solve the nails by lateral movements, if not, then simply cut them with a hammer and chisel. The new brick you can then simply hang without nailing again, he keeps it that way.

4. Replace other brick types

For all other roof tiles, the removal is usually easily possible, you can also use the wooden wedges as support here. For some types of laying, such as double covering, you may need more wooden wedges.

Tips & Tricks

You should always have a few roof tiles in reserve - especially with clay tiles, the models change so quickly that they can often no longer get the original tiles in a few years.

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