Roof sealing foil - plastic instead of bitumen

Roofs can also be sealed with plastic - which in many cases can be a good alternative to bitumen, also because of the higher durability and resistance. Which types of plastic films are used for roofing, you can read here, plus a lot on sources and prices.

In contrast to bituminous membranes, plastic is virtually "maintenance-free"

Bituminous sheets will crack over time, weather and are not completely UV resistant. Over time, they must therefore be constantly repaired and renewed.

For plastics, this need is eliminated - many plastics have durabilities that far exceed those of bitumen. For EPDM films, plastics experts even expect a life span of half a century or even more.

Especially in the flat roof area, waterproofing is an important issue, as problems with leak tightness can often have serious consequences for the entire building.

Advantages of plastics over bitumen

  • often easier to lay, even by laymen
  • single-layered instead of multi-layered
  • completely weather resistant, hardly any problems with UV radiation
  • Shelf life of up to 50 years
  • more resistant to damage

In terms of price, plastic films are quite competitive - at prices of between 10 and 20 EUR per square meter in most cases they are an alternative to bituminous coverings.

Roof films on the Internet

  • This manufacturer produces, among other things, also very high quality plastic films for roofing.
  • This dealer will find different plastic films and accessories.
  • The construction technology shop also offers a range of different plastic sheets and foils for the roof.

This is cheaper

Price comparisons are certainly worthwhile in this case, but you should also compare different types of films and other ways of roofing with, if you want to have the cheapest possible coverage.

Tips & Tricks

Many roofers have a rather subjective aversion to roof sheeting - but this is less the product, but often just in lack of experience with it.

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