Roof waterproofing with liquid plastic - quite simple, but often expensive

In contrast to bituminous welding membranes, roof waterproofing with liquid plastics is relatively easy to process itself - but the disadvantage is often the high price. What types of seals are available here, which manufacturers offer them and what they can cost you can find out here.

Theoretically, liquid plastics can be used as a seal not only for renovation, but also for new construction. Often they are also used in the sealing of balconies or the like for use.

The process is relatively simple - most liquid plastics can be rolled, painted or sprayed. When spraying, however, usually a so-called airless system must be used.

Very disadvantageous, however, can be the sometimes quite high prices in this system: In many cases a fleece insert must be used, which then enormously increases the square meter consumption of the rather expensive containers. Prices of up to 100 EUR per square meter may well occur.

As a rule, however, a liquid seal can be expected to cost around 20 to 30 EUR per square meter. An additional benefit may be the products, which also act as a thermal insulation on the flat roof in addition to the sealing effect, then the price is relativized again something.

Types of liquid tank waterproofing for the roof

  • Products based on polyurethane
  • Epoxy resin products
  • One-component or multi-component products, the latter often cure faster and become more solid in the end

Liquid roof seals from manufacturers / dealers on the Internet

  • This manufacturer produces and sells the product Profi-Dicht
  • From this manufacturer comes the product line "Kemperol"
  • The product VEDASEAL is offered by this manufacturer

Save costs

Because of the enormous price differences in the individual products, especially with regard to the square meter prices you should definitely compare. In many cases, however, other alternatives, such as plastic sheets or EPDM films are often cheaper from the outset.

Tips & Tricks

Always pay attention to the processing instructions - in many cases, expensive primers are often required in addition to the product, and in the end perhaps even an additional coating as UV protection is required.

Video Board: Liquid Plastic over an old felt roof.