Clean roof windows without risk

A skylight can be cleaned from the inside without any risk. For this, most manufacturers have attached a bolt that holds the window while cleaning the window. We show how it goes with a skylight.

Clean windows and frame at the skylight

The roof window shows at night a beautiful view of the starry sky. In order not to see more stars and galaxies than there are, the window needs to be cleaned more often than a normal window.

However, it is not only important in a skylight, to clean the window, but the frame and especially the hinges must be cleaned carefully.

Clean roof windows without risk: risk

Maintain sealing rubbers of roof windows

The gaskets in the frame of the skylights should also be cleaned. Of course not with harsh detergents. It is best wiped off with a soft microfibre cloth damp. Then you can easily rub them with some milking grease or Vaseline.

Clean skylight step by step

In this manual we only use dishwashing liquid for the window. Especially the skylight lives from its seals and the surrounding silicone. With a glass cleaner containing alcohol, the seals would be damaged.

  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Warm water
  • bucket
  • microfiber cloths
  • Old tableware towel

1. Clean exterior window frame

First, wipe the outside of the skylight with an older microfiber cloth and a little warm water with dishwashing detergent. It goes well with a bit of stretching and stretching from the inside, if you use a small stepladder.

2. Clean the outside of the glass

For this purpose, the window is completely turned over until the stop is reached. Below, the safety catch is visible on most windows.

Slide this into the socket provided. As a result, you do not have to hold on to the wing all the time and you can brush the window as usual.

3. Interior cleaning

Finally, clean the inner side of the glass and frame. Although you use more rags when you start out, but if you turn the wheel around, the inner pane can get dirty again.

Tips & Tricks

You should always use only detergent and warm water. Even if the cleaning is more thorough and faster with really hot water, it is not recommended.

Soak solid dirt, such as bird droppings, a little longer and then remove it with a paper towel before cleaning the rest of the skylight.

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