Skylight curtains - increased level of difficulty

Especially the curtains for the skylight require creativity in the attachment, but can still be installed beautifully and conveniently. If possible, the curtain for the skylight should also allow the room to be darkened.

Guiding curtains in orderly paths

In normal windows you can hang the curtains freely and create a nice river with the fabric. With a sloping roof window, the curtains would then hang freely in the room and completely miss their purpose in front of the window.

So, so to speak, a kind of bridle is required to hold the curtain in front of the skylight. The simplest method is certainly cloth-covered rubber bands, which are stretched across the front of the window.

Skylight curtains - increased level of difficulty: difficulty

Behind this, every curtain and every curtain can simply be clamped and still be moved. But the method is certainly not for everyone and now looks slightly stale.

Pleated for the sloping skylight

Formerly known from women's clothing, pleating has been decorating the windows for several years. The small wrinkles are strained with a ribbon or a nylon rope directly on the frame in front of the disc. So nothing can sag or slip.

Pleated curtains are now available in all qualities and colors, so you will quickly find the right curtain for every interior.

Adjust the pleats slightly in height

Most variants of the practical Plisseerollos or Plisseegardinen are infinitely shift. In most cases, the small clamping mechanism, which moves the pleat up or down, can be operated with just one hand.

Many pleated curtains are divided in height. This makes it even more flexible. The upper part can be moved down to the sunshade and fully inserted on a rainy day.

At the same time, the lower part can then be moved completely independently of the upper one. Thus, privacy or simply cosiness is generated without you have to feel immediately locked up.

Tips & Tricks

Pleated fabrics that have been covered with a thin aluminum layer on the back offer additional protection against heat and cold in the rooms under the roof. At the same time, they can be easily wiped off if dirt or moisture has been added to them.

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