Dress the skylight inside

Everybody has a different interior decoration in the attic and this should also be adapted to the inner surround of the new skylight. But on the other hand, at the same time, the paneling needs to be easy to wipe off and sturdy.

Fit must match the interior trim

The requirements for a covering in skylights are quite high. Moisture often occurs here, so the inner connection frame not only has to be reasonably waterproof, but must also be perfectly fitting to the window and interior.

If the inner frame is not worked well enough, cold spots can occur and moisture can penetrate the insulation. So something as seemingly unimportant as an interior paneling can even lead to mold.

Dress the skylight inside: dress

Buy matching interior trim

Many manufacturers offer the matching inner window lining for their skylights. These are usually very precise and high quality. But of course they lack the individuality. But who can live with it, gets a very good enclosure.

Advantages and disadvantages of purchased covers

A prefabricated cladding on the roof window looks like a piece, while a self-made seems slightly fragmented. This later completely seamless panel eliminates the usual small dirt and moisture grooves that are otherwise easy to accumulate.

  • especially fitting
  • good quality
  • partly additional insulation
  • robust wipeable surface
  • Design barely customizable
  • usually a bit more expensive
  • not from every manufacturer on offer

Build window cladding yourself

It makes quite a few demands on the skills of the handyman to make the interior trim for the roof window itself and install. However, this is then usually much cheaper than a panel from the window manufacturer.

The design can also be better adapted to the decor, if you build yourself a covering for the roof window. However, there are some pitfalls in terms of fit and quality of the enclosure.

Tips & Tricks

If you can trust yourself to build the skylight panel, you can save a lot. But the tailor-made panels, which are offered by the well-known manufacturers, already offer a lot for their money.

In most cases, the purchased cladding has an additional insulation in the side area. Therefore, you are often better advised as a homeowner with regard to the heating costs with the matching window trim panels.

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