Skylight options for exchange

A whole variety of state programs should ensure that there is an incentive to replace old and low-energy skylights. With the partly high costs for modern roof windows and their installation this is a welcome help. What money is, read here.

Reduce costs for advice

When it comes only to the replacement of the windows, the advice is often provided only by roofers and specialist dealers.

However, if you also want to seek the advice of a specialized energy consultant, you can rely on special support.

Skylight options for exchange: skylight

A consultation makes sense, because the host in the course of renovation also wants to enlarge the windows and worry about the possible heat loss. Or because he would like to have calculated the actual cost savings in heating costs at certain U-values ​​reliably.

Halve consulting costs

The energy consultancy grant awarded by the BAFA (Federal Office of Economics and Export Control) amounts to at least EUR 300 for one- and two-family houses, but covers a maximum of 50 percent of the costs for the respective consultation.

For buildings with more than three residential units, the minimum contribution for the promotion is even 360 EUR. It is important here that the application is made first, and then the consultation takes place. No request can be made for consultations already carried out.

KfW programs

The Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) offers a variety of programs for window renovation. For some programs, support is also provided through a subsidized loan. All in all, three different KfW programs will be used to promote the replacement of the roof windows with modern, energy-saving models:

  • KfW Program No. 151 ("Energy Efficient Refurbishment")
  • KfW Program No. 152 ("Energy Efficient Refurbishment, Individual Measures")
  • KfW Program No. 430 ("Energy Efficient Refurbishment, Investment Grant")

Program No. 151 ("Energy Efficient Refurbishment")

The program No. 151 promotes the modernization and all repair measures for apartments or residential units in the home. The requirements of the EnEV 2009 must be complied with, the maximum subsidy amount of the entire package of measures is 100,000 EUR.

Program No. 152 ("Energy Efficient Refurbishment, Individual Measures")

If the building was built before 1995, individual measures can be promoted through a preferential loan. The maximum loan amount is 50,000 EUR.

Program No. 430 ("Energy Efficient Refurbishment, Investment Grant")

This program will provide a grant if you finance the window exchange yourself. However, the subsidy can only be applied for if the house is thereby put into the standard of an efficiency house. The maximum grant amount is around 13,000 EUR.

Other possible programs

When using automated skylights, in most cases program # 159 ("Altering by Age") can be used. It covers not only age-appropriate conversion measures with the goal of barrier-free access via a low-interest loan, but also those which guarantee a comfortable living quality.

Deduct handicraft costs for tax purposes

Of the income tax you can deduct 20 percent of the craft costs. The maximum amount is 1.200 EUR. Material costs can not be deducted, and must therefore be shown separately on the craftsman invoice. Attention: The invoice must be paid by bank transfer, cash paid invoices are not deductible!

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