Open roof windows - what options are there?

Skylights may have very different opening mechanisms. What possibilities there are to open a skylight, how to use forced ventilation and how to help with cleaning, you can read in detail in this post.

Types of opening mechanisms

At opening mechanisms in roof windows one differentiates:

  • tilt windows
  • Pivot window
  • Swing-hung windows
  • sliding window

tilt windows

Tilting or folding windows in the roof windows have only a simple folding mechanism, which is usually struck at the top of the window frame.

Open roof windows - what options are there?: roof

Such windows regularly cause problems when cleaning windows, because you can actually only reach the outside of the window from the outside. This makes it difficult to clean the outside.

Pivot window

For swing windows, the opening mechanism is struck either in the middle of the window frame or at least in the upper third.

These windows can also be easily cleaned on the outside because the top of the window swings inwards when opening. However, this in turn has the disadvantage that when the window is open in the interior headspace may possibly be lost if the window is installed too low in relation to the room height.

Swing-hung windows

These windows have both previously mentioned opening options. They can either be swung open or unfolded as desired. This opening mechanism is very widespread in skylights.

sliding window

Sliding windows not only offer a very space-saving solution, but are also easy to clean and often designed as visually impressive panoramic windows, which let a lot of light into the loft.

These windows are moved laterally on an external guide. Another advantage of this opening mechanism is that in windy weather, the skylight does not start to swing back and forth, as is the case with the swing window.

Disadvantage is that if you forget to close the window in the rain, very quickly get very large amounts of water in the room. Even a single downpour can cause a considerable and expensive water damage.

An electronic control in such skylights must often be retrofitted, in this case makes a built-in rain sensor in any case sense.

forced ventilation

To prevent ingress of water during ventilation, you can also rely on so-called forced ventilation. Pitched roof windows from brand manufacturers have often already installed a very effective forced ventilation.

If the window handle is folded down only halfway, there is a weather protection, but the room is automatically forcibly ventilated permanently. The amount of air exchange varies depending on the type of window and the manufacturer, but usually complies with current standards.

If such a ventilation is not available from the outset, however, a window ventilation can be easily installed in the window frame when installing the window, even with heat recovery.

Tips & Tricks

The easiest way to clean are hinged windows and sliding windows, because you can easily get to the outside with them. For other roof windows, it may be worthwhile applying or applying a self-cleaning coating (nano-coating).

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