Make a skylight roller blind yourself

In particular skylights are treated in the equipment always something neglected. This also lacks important protective functions, such as against light or solar heat. Blinds for skylights from the trade have their price, so it's worth doing it yourself. In the following guide, we show you how to make a roller blind for the roof window itself.

Roof windows often offer only low comfort properties

Skylights are slanted, sometimes even very flat. This promotes the solar irradiation angle. This means that there is considerably more solar radiation through a roof window than through a conventional apartment window. Thus, the light, but also the heat can be a problem. Just the heating is often favored by the fact that the windows also have no special thermal insulation.

In addition, purchased skylights are expensive

But since many purchase products especially for skylights are very expensive, and also roof windows soften some completely different functions, the selection of the purchase products is rather poor. Thus, it is recommended to make a roller blind for the roof window itself. First, however, it must be considered what the requirements are:

  • pure protection against heat and sunlight
  • Protection against incident light as a blackout blind
  • integrated insect screen

Make a skylight roller blind yourself: make

A roof window roller blind against solar radiation and as heat protection

Conventional roller blinds against the direct sunlight can be relatively easily implemented. You need a top and bottom bracket, side guide cables are stretched (as they are known from halogen lamps). Now appropriately sized fabric is used and a circumferential seam sewn. The upper and lower seams must accommodate the bars of the brackets, the side seam must accommodate the rope.

So it requires corresponding rods. Here are fiberglass rods, as used in kite construction. In addition, however, at a regular, short distance several seams can be sewn in order to integrate more guide rods. Outside the rods come eyelets, through which the lateral ropes are guided. This ensures that the blind is also folded when opening or pulling up.

Build a blackout blind yourself

If you also want a sunscreen or a blackout blind, you need side guides. The guides must be wide enough that the clothing extends. Instead of eyelets, rollers are now mounted on the fiberglass rods that run in the guide. In addition, the fabric used must be taken to ensure that it also has a darkening protection.

Insect protection for the opened skylight

With integrated insect protection it is a relative problem. It depends mainly on how the skylight is opened. Most skylights are either fixed at the top and tilted down to the outside, or they are unlocked at the bottom, but the moveable window hinge is centered. When opening down to the outside, the window is turned upside down and vice versa. An insect repellent is problematic.

Mounting options for fly screens on the roof window

In any case, the insect screen must be attached to the outside of the soffit or to the window frame (not the window sash). It depends on the functionality of the individual skylight. Incidentally, here we show you how you can build a fly screen yourself.

Tips & Tricks

Inexpensive are mainly fabric blinds (external blinds). If necessary, these can also be mounted on a skylight. Observe the same requirements as with the conventional installation of blinds.

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