Winterize the roof - roof protection for the winter

This is how the roof becomes winter-proof - safety tips for the winter

Winterize the roof - roof protection for the winter: protection

In the winter this has to be Rooftop extreme weather conditions withstand. All the more important to make the necessary arrangements in time, advise the experts from

Freezing temperatures, heavy snowfall or heavy storms - the winter weather is good for all sorts of surprises in our latitudes. That gets especially the house roof year after year to feel.

Due to its exposed position, it is directly exposed to the forces of nature and therefore becomes most heavily used by all parts of the house, The experts at therefore advise to start with the necessary precautions in good time to prepare the roof for the winter.

If temperatures approach freezing, it can be for eTwelve protective measures already too late his. In the worst case already goes from one small leak a massive building damage out.

Only an undamaged roof that has no loose roof tiles, cracks or leaks can defy wind, frost and moisture permanently. Become ignored minor damage, threaten permanent damage the building fabric.

According to the experts apply above all Connections and terminations as well as penetrations e.g. of fans, chimneys or antennas as high risk areas for penetrating moisture. With the following consequences: Insulating layers become moist, lose their effect, mold. In addition, the quality of living decreases, in contrast, heating costs rise. Thorough roof inspections prevent this and therefore pay off.

Protecting the roof from winter storms

But not only rain, but also winter storms put the roof to the test. Does the Wind a point of attack, the roof covering can be damaged become. Crashing parts could become a serious danger to residents and passers-by.

It is therefore advisable to check in advance exactly whether all roof tiles or slate tiles are tight, The experts therefore advise to commission a specialist with the necessary visual inspection including any repairs. Because from the ground, the situation can only be assessed inadequately.

snow safety

Winterize the roof - roof protection for the winter: protection

The roof should be freed from a thick layer of snow

A solid snow backup is also essential. At the latest at thaw could otherwise from the roof Slipping snow and ice layers on the accident risk become.

Therefore, it is advisable Snow guards or round timbers to be attached by a roofer. Here, too, timely measures are worthwhile, because with damage caused by roof avalanches the homeowner alone is liable.

Clean the gutters

Before the onset of winter, the gutters should also be cleaned. Are they through Clogs of foliage or branches could leave icicles on the leaks as frost persists form or the sidewalk itself turn into an ice surface. The experts advise to assign a professional here with the cleaning measures.

Permanent remedy against loose leaves, however, creates only one in the Gutter laid leaf trap.

The conclusion of the experts: A thoroughly inspected and winterized roof is the best prerequisite for a good start to the cold season!

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