Roof with slate

Slate roof - noble and varied

Roof with slate: slate

  • Timelessly beautiful sedimentary rock
  • Sexy color and light games
  • Variety of different types of coverings

A high quality slate roof presents itself for a lifetime noble and varied, emphasize the experts of, the leading online portal around the roof. Depending on The sun's position and the refraction of light make the lively natural stone shimmer in different nuances - from anthracite to gray blue.

In addition, slate occurs in nature in reds and greens, thus ensuring a sophisticated look on the roof. Straight lines, curves or playful shapes - thanks to the large variety of different types of cover can be with the traditional sedimentary rock slate as well as all roof forms realize.

Classic - individual - cheap

As a queen among the traditional slate laying variants applies the Old German coverage, Here are different widths and high, from Hand-carved stones to a lively roof surface together. The result is always a different, individual roof architecture. "Thus, this technically sophisticated type of cover is even suitable for extravagant designs," say the experts.

The same applies to the Wild cover that fits almost every roofscape harmoniously adapts. Low-priced variants are the Universal or rectangular cover, which are particularly suitable for modern family homes.

Whether imposing bat dormers, winding or interlocking roofs or sophisticated turrets - slate roof constructions are impressive their unique aesthetics and demonstrate craftsman roofing art par excellence. A special eye-catcher are artful Slate ornaments or filigree floral or animal mosaics, which set noble accents on the roof.

Robust - resistant - resistant

But slate roofs are not only impressive because of their attractive appearance, but also convince by their high resistance, As the experts of emphasize, one of the Robust natural building material to the most durable roofing materials at all - and is extremely resistant, without great care and maintenance.

Thus, the 400 million year old stone from the depths of the earth also a highly profitable building material. offers an information brochure for builders and renovators on the topic "Everything about the roof". The brochure can be requested free of charge by e-mail: [email protected] or Fax 0821 - 567 62 87. Further information can be found on the Internet at

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