Roofer - what is the hourly wage?

Not only for a roofer journeyman, the hourly wages paid in this craft are important. The customers are also interested in seeing if the billing rate, which is on the bill, is really justified.

Hourly wage of the roofer

One of the rather small parts of the hourly rate is the hourly wage paid to the journeyman of the roofer. These are between twelve and 15 euros per hour for a journeyman who has just learned.

After about ten years of professional experience and numerous professional qualifications, about 18 to 20 euros per hour are required for the journeyman. But these numbers vary greatly from region to region and therefore are difficult to compare.

Charging rate for a roofer

Of course, the customer has to pay a lot more than the simple hourly wage for the journeyman. Finally comes the health insurance, the professional association and the like on the journeyman's salary. These costs are calculated in the form of non-wage labor costs in the charge rate.

Even the cost of the cleaning lady, who cleans the offices of the roofer every day, is reflected in the charge rate. But also the rent, vehicle costs and the water bill have to be paid. These different costs of the company itself can be found in the operating overheads.

Example calculation for the billing rate

This small example calculation is, as I said, calculated for a job starter.

  • Hourly wage professional beginner gross 13,00 Euro
  • Non-wage labor costs 11.74 euros
  • Operating overheads 17.06 euros
  • Operating profit 2.20 euros
  • Charging rate Dachdeckerstunde net 44,00 Euro
  • VAT currently 19 percent 8.36 euros
  • Billing rate Roofer hour gross 52,36 Euro

Tips & Tricks

If the company sends you an experienced craftsman into the house, with an hourly rate of 50 to 60 euros not much left for the company and the roofer journeyman is happy about a small tip.

After all, the 13 euro hourly wage for the job starter is not the world, especially since they are of course gross. But even 18 euros for a roofer who has served for many years and who carries out a dangerous job on the roof every day is probably not too much nowadays.

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