Roofer tariff - this is the payment in the craft

Most artisans do not choose their job after payment. Nevertheless, you should be sure that you are paid appropriately and get the same salary as colleagues who do the same job.

Collective agreement in the roofing trade

The industrial union Bauen-Agrar-Umwelt IG Bau has already agreed last year on a wage increase with the roofing trade. This means an increase of three percent, which is to be paid retroactively to September 2012.

The second stage came into effect on February 01, 2014 and provides a further 2.5 percent increase. This should prevent a shortage of skilled workers in the roofing trade.

Thanks to these two increases, the basic wage, which is assumed to be the starting point, now stands at € 16.92 per hour.

Specialists and foremen benefited

An even higher wage increase is to be given to foremen and associate members. They are the backbone of the companies in a booming industry, as the national chairman of IG Bau Dietmar Schäfers emphasized. Therefore, they should also benefit especially.

Trainees also benefit

The training allowances were also raised. In the first step, the apprentices received 30 euros more per training year per month and in the second step 15 euros more.

Incentives for takeover of apprentices

In order to prevent the trainees from having to continue to live in uncertainty, whether they are being taken on by their training company or whether they need to look for a new employer right after their apprenticeship, IG Bau has made takeover a central issue.

For that reason, the collective agreement provided for higher incentives to reward the acquisition of apprentices.

For example, roofing companies that keep their trainees for at least a full year after their training receive financial support from the social security funds.

Details of the collective agreement soon

  • 3 percent retroactive
  • 2.5 percent from 01.02.2014
  • Incentives to take on trainees

Tips & Tricks

In addition, a collective package of measures was agreed in this collective agreement in order to make the profession of roofer even more attractive. So training should be rewarded even more. So it might be worthwhile, if you take these points to heart, in order to realize your own salary expectations.

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