The roofing felt V13 is considered a separating layer

While the specialist trade in roofing felt class V13 speaks of bitumen waterproofing membranes, class V60 roofing membranes are referred to as welding sheets. Bieder products are provided with a glass fleece insert, which accounts for sixty grams of material per square meter.

Glass fleece is rotting-free

The designation V13 combines the indication of the material of the insert fleece with the quantity specification of 1300 gram bitumen in the covering layer per square meter. Usually, the roofing felt V13 is placed under a welding track to create additional tightness.

Priced are roof liners of the V-Class with glass fleece inserts over the R-classes, whose insoles consist of raw felt. Glass fleece has the advantage of being rot-free, which is particularly important when used on flat roofs, where it can always come back to temporary standing water.

Two layer laying

Generally speaking, it is possible to lay only roofing felt V13 over firewood in the case of roofs that are not heavily loaded or have lower demands on tightness, such as sheds or rain protection roofs. A bituminous paint, which must be renewed every three to five years, ensures a mechanical tightness.

Normally, roofing felt V13 is combined with roofing felt V60. As the lower layer, the price is laid at about one third of V60 welding tracks and then completed the double covering by welding. This roofing is very suitable, for example, for garden sheds, the interior of which should necessarily remain dry.

Provider and price range

  • offers roofing felt V13, which is the only roof covering suitable.
  • introduces Roofing board V13 sanded for use as a separating or leveling layer.
  • offers large containers for areas of fifty or more square meters particularly favorable.

The price of roofing felt V13 is between two and three euros per square meter.

Tips & Tricks

The roofing felt V13 is fixed with roofing nails and with two-layer laying the V60 is welded over it.

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