The roof covering for the carport

Carports have been trendy for many years. However, a lot has happened in the roofing. In addition to the classic flat roof, more and more saddle roofs can be seen on carports. Both variants have special features. Afterwards you will receive a lot of information about the possible roof coverings for carports.

For a long time, a carport no longer necessarily has to have a flat roof

For many people, the carport has replaced the classic garage. For a long time, the roof covering for the carport was dominated by flat roof constructions. In the meantime many people have changed their thinking and other roof coverings can be found.

  • Flat roofing
  • saddle roof
  • hipped roof
  • Side Porch
  • barrel roof

Of course, other variants of the roofing can be found, but carports are currently dominated by flat roofs in numerous existing carports and pitched roofs in new carports.

The flat roof on the carport

Basically, the flat roof can be covered with different materials.

  • Corrugated sheet metal, aluminum or sheet steel galvanized
  • Plastic corrugated roof, PU
  • roofing felt
  • Bituminous membranes and bitumen shingles

The carport roof covering made of corrugated iron

The most common covering of flat roofs at carports is the corrugated iron roof. Compared with the solutions with roofing felt and bitumen, no wooden formwork is needed, which sooner or later threatens to rot.

Secure the wood against water

However, you should consider other issues with a corrugated iron roofing. If the carport frame is a wooden construction, you should provide the upper side of the bearing beams and, if applicable, the rafters with a sealing strip. This can be roofing felt or bitumen.

Claims to the corrugated iron roofing

Because on the underside of the carport roofing it often comes to condensation, which otherwise gets directly onto the wood. For this reason, corrugated iron is recommended, which has a coating at least on the underside. The is designed as a fleece and prevents dripping water.

Aluminum or galvanized sheet steel as carport roofing

Whether aluminum or galvanized sheet steel - opinions differ here. In general, however, steel sheet should be at least 0.75 mm thick and aluminum sheet should be at least 1 mm thick.

Use the screws provided

The screws you need to attach the roof are also special screws. Below the screw head, a sealing washer is attached so that later no water can penetrate.

Sealing tapes for roof pitches under 10 degrees

If you can not use a sheet that extends from the front to the back in one piece, you should insert a sealing tape for the overlaps. This is especially true for roof pitches below 10 degrees.

The saddle roof on the carport

Even with saddle roof, you can choose from different materials for roofing again.

  • Roof tiles (bricks, cement)
  • corrugated iron
  • Bitumen or bitumen shingles
  • roofing felt

Brick roof tiles, the preferred roof covering in the carport saddle roof

Usually, however, higher-quality roof coverings are used for the carport, which is a roof tile made of bricks. However, you must pay special attention to the fact that the construction of the carport is stable enough to carry a tiled roof. Bear in mind also the possible snow load as well as the wind suction. Both can be completely different in regional terms.

Tips & Tricks

In particular, if you use galvanized corrugated iron for your roofing on the carport, you should choose the sheet metal so that nothing has to be cut. There is an increased risk of corrosion at the cutting edges.

The house journal also offers numerous articles on various roof coverings - such as for making a flat roof waterproofing from bituminous membranes.

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