Seal roof tiles - that's how it works

To seal roof tiles, can certainly make sense, also in terms of durability. The instructions below explain how you can do it yourself and what alternatives there are for sealing.

Sealants extend the life of roof tiles

A seal in the tile sector is almost always a nano-seal today. Such seals form microscopic structures in the surface that resemble those of a lotus leaf.

Due to the special surface structure, dirt can not settle and water rolls off more easily. Even a moss is largely excluded, because the mosses no primitive is offered. This is also a key protection for roof tiles, which significantly extends their durability, as with many other things.

Seal roof tiles - that's how it works: roof

Alternatives to sealing roof tiles

  • If you have glazed roof tiles or buy, the seal provides little additional protection
  • Also engobes have a longer life from the outset
  • For very old and partially damaged bricks is rather new ceilings an alternative

Seal roof tiles - that's how it works

  • Nano sealing for roof tiles
  • framework
  • high pressure cleaner
  • paint gun

1. Build up the scaffolding

Of course, you first have to set up the scaffolding. It will have to stop for a few days during the work. Make sure it is stable and secure, and go to the edge of the roof. Always make sure you have sufficient and professional intrinsic safety for all work on the roof.

2nd roof cleaning

With the high-pressure cleaner you first clean your roof thoroughly. Also, be sure to thoroughly remove any mosses.

That may take some time. Be careful with the pressure to avoid damaging the roof tiles due to excessive jet pressure.

3. Apply the seal

If the roof has dried well after cleaning, you can apply the seal. Avoid as much rain as possible between cleaning and sealing.

Apply the sealant in two coats with the paint gun thoroughly and evenly on all roof tiles.

Tips & Tricks

For cleaning and sealing, you need a few days of consistently beautiful and warm weather, so it is advisable to apply the sealer rather in the summer, and to choose some not too hot days.

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