Seal roof tiles - so you can help yourself

A leaky roof can cause many problems, as well as causing serious damage to the building fabric. As a first aid measure leaking roofs can also be sealed quickly. How to do that, read in the following instructions.

Roof waterproofing made fast

Holes, cracks or other damage as well as seams and connections can allow a lot of water through the roof in heavy rain. A help in such cases can be seals.

However, this is not a real substitute for major damage, and damaged roof tiles should usually be swapped as soon as possible. For smaller leaks, the sealing process is quite sufficient.

Seal roof tiles - so you can help yourself: help

The products that can be used have different properties - the best known is the Blitz-Dicht from Ceresit. The fiber-reinforced, permanently elastic sealant can do a lot.

What sealants usually do

  • Cracks, seams and holes up to 10 mm thick
  • on all surfaces, even on wet and on all building materials safely adhere
  • to be processed even in frost
  • almost always also spreadable and spatula-capable

Seal roof tiles quickly - that's how it works

  • Sealant, such as lightning-tight
  • If necessary, suitable depth reason
  • possibly glass fiber fleece
  • brush
  • spatula

1. Clean the roof tiles

The leaking roof tiles that are to be sealed must be free of dirt, dust and rust.
Cleaning will sometimes be necessary.

2. Apply a deep background

This is really necessary only for porous roof tiles - but also as a security for the better adhesion of the sealant, a deep-ground coat can be carried out.

3. Apply sealing compound

Holes, cracks and leaking seams should preferably be filled with the spatula at right angles to the damage. Damage of up to 10 mm can usually be remedied quickly and safely with the sealant.

In the case of major damage, you should also place a glass fiber fleece in the damaged area and the sealant in order to ensure better adhesion of the sealant. After a few days then sealant must be applied to these places again.

Tips & Tricks

Of course, it is much easier if you have suitable roof tiles in reserve - then you can easily replace damaged roof tiles. But be very careful when climbing on a roof in the rain!

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