Tin roof tiles: an interesting alternative

Roof tiles made of sheet metal can have some advantages over classic cover materials. Therefore, they have become an increasingly popular alternative in recent years. Find out where the disadvantages lie and where you can get sheet metal roof tiles and what they cost.

Sheet metal as a new roofing material

With tin roofs, many probably associate the idea of ​​flat roofs covered with sheet metal panels at the first moment - in fact, there are also roof tiles made of sheet metal.

However, they are not made as a single element like classic clay tiles, but as coherent panels of about one meter in width. This also makes assembly much easier. The look is a classic roof similar to the confused.

Tin roof tiles: an interesting alternative: tiles

Compared to the classic clay tiles, the main advantage lies in their low weight. While the already quite lightweight Frankfurter pans bring almost 45 kg per square meter, tin kettles only weigh 5 kg.

This makes much lighter substructures possible, which do not have to be designed as usual today for up to 70 kg per square meter. Roof constructions can be much easier and cheaper.

Add to this the fact that the panels can only be fixed with around four to six screws per square meter - so less mounting material and faster installation.

In terms of price, sheet metal is still more expensive than clay - compared to around EUR 9 per square meter for clay bricks, sheet metal costs around EUR 13 per square meter. In some cases, this can possibly be offset by a lighter roof construction but again something.

Disadvantages of tin roof tiles

  • low thermal insulation compared to clay tiles
  • Drum noises in the rain
  • possibly condensation problems

Sources of supply on the Internet

  • borga.czechtrade.de: Here are some very light tin roof tiles directly from the manufacturer.
  • blechdachpfanne.de: The specialist for roof tiles made of sheet metal with a large offer and a clear shop.
  • polmetal.de: This manufacturer also offers sheet metal roof tiles and other options for a sheet metal roof.

That way you can save costs

In the case of tin roofs, you should definitely compare prices just like any other roof. However, if you are really looking for a cheap roofing, you should stick to concrete tiles most likely - in some cases square meter prices of around 5 EUR can also be achieved here.

Tips & Tricks

Make sure that the concrete requirements for concrete bricks are met.

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