Embellish roof terrace: the best tips and ideas

A roof terrace should be a real feel-good area. The best tips to make your roof terrace a real eye-catcher and a true relaxation oasis, see this post.

Combination of wooden tiles and flower boxes

Timber tiles are a pretty easy way to simply recreate less beautiful patio floors. Particularly interesting is the combination of wooden tiles and planters.

The planters are the same size as 2 wooden tiles and are available in different heights. They can be easily exchanged for the wooden tiles and thus repeatedly set up and combine or even completely remove (for example, in winter).

It can be equipped with plants or covered with a wooden plate and used as a seat or table. Even a stylish lighting can be integrated into the planters (the cables are previously laid under the wood tiles invisible). When it comes to flexibility in design, this combination is unbeatable.


In a simple planter made of wood can also create a mini pond, in which one then uses aquatic plants. Reeds and other water grasses look particularly decorative.


A decorative fire bowl or a beautifully designed ethanol fireplace can visually enhance a terrace enormously. In addition, you can sit in the evening in front of the flickering fire and enjoy his terrace really.

terrace fountain

Even a small fountain can be created on the terrace. With the help of a small pump, the well then comes to life and calms down with the sound of running water. Simply designed garden fountains are available from just over 150 EUR in the trade, but for the more impressive and elaborate variants, you must at least double the arithmetic.


Covering the terrace with artificial turf on a layer of sand can be a great way to give the terrace a natural flair and a pleasant atmosphere. Unlike turf, artificial turf is a little more expensive, but also much easier to lay.

Tips & Tricks

You can also treat your patio with a mix of wood and turf. This gives you a slightly more varied look and protect the lawn, if you use the wood tiles as "sidewalks".

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