Change rooms - implement fresh ideas

Our living conditions change over time. It is not always necessary to buy new furniture. Often it is sufficient to place the existing furniture in a different way or to exchange it between the rooms. Also, a fresh fresco of furniture can help turn a kitchen cabinet into a beautiful vintage-style cabinet for the living room.

Rearrange living room

In a large living room, where living and dining area are combined, you can easily change the furniture. Many floor plans make it possible to put the couch across the room. Then, for example, the dining table can connect with its narrow side to the back of the couch. Another variant would be to put the sideboard or a cupboard behind the back of the couch.

The aquarium can then be placed on this sideboard as a room divider. So you have an insight into the underwater world from all sides and in the evening an atmospheric lighting behind the sofa.

Sideboard or TV cabinet

If your sideboard is not too high, it does not have to be in the dinette or dining room forever. The large new flat screens are on a wide sideboard even much better and safer than on the previously used television cabinets. The older of these TV furniture are considerably too narrow for the wide devices.

Create office or workplace

Almost everyone now has a PC or a laptop in the living room. As a result, more and more office work is done in the parlor. But the dining table is not the right place and the coffee table is far too low to work comfortably.

Various desks

There are many simple solutions that will not turn your living room into a boring office. For example, an old sewing machine table made of cast iron can be equipped with a light wood panel. These can be made removable and padded down with a pillow. In the evening, the plate becomes a knee tray for the laptop, but it can also be used directly on the sewing machine table.

On a small chest of drawers you can attach a practical folding board with a hinge or piano strap. In addition, you combine a small latte, which is simply placed, when the table board is folded up. If the computer table is not needed, the bar disappears under the sofa and the board is folded down.

  • Cast the sewing machine table
  • hinged shelf on dresser
  • Screw half round board onto sideboard

Tips & Tricks

Take a look around the house, there are often pieces of furniture that have gotten a bit old. With a little paint or foil you can make furniture out of these old pieces with a completely different use. Also in terms of the style of the furniture, you can achieve a whole new effect with foil or paint. The old pinewood chest of drawers, whose wood is unfortunately only a plastic cover, with a mirror foil to a great lounge furniture, which also survives the new era.

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