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  • An indoor fountain is a small interior fountains that you can use to decorate your interiors. Small models can be used as table fountains, while larger fountains act as a water wall.
  • Indoor fountains are available in a variety of materials: artificial stone, slate and ceramics are the most common. There are also lighted indoor fountains and indoor fountains without lighting.
  • The Feng Shui doctrine gives Zimmerbrunnen a harmonizing effect. Thus, according to Feng-Shui, the water flow can have a positive effect on the energy flow (Qi) in the room.

Zimmerbrunnen comparison 2018: 2018

The Germans are increasingly stressed, This shows a recent Forsa survey. 49 percent of respondents say that they suffer from time pressure in their job, just as many complain about anger in the family. 46 percent burden health concerns (Source: Forsa survey for technicians health insurance).

As a result, popular strategies for coping with stress are the pursuit of a hobby for around 79 percent and cozy TV for 49 percent, according to a statistic on relaxation strategies in everyday life (source: Forsa).

Even a comfortable environment can have a positive effect on a relaxed lifestyle: A fountain for the room can help.

In our current Indoor Fountain Comparison 2018, we present a selection of the best indoor fountains online. In our buying advice you read, what to pay attention to when buying: on the material, the size and not least on an appealing look.

1. Zimmerbrunnen: More than just room decoration

Zimmerbrunnen comparison 2018: water

Some indoor fountains are also suitable for outside.

How does a room well work? Once you have filled the well with water, connect it to the mains.

By an integrated pump the water is pumped from bottom to top: The filled water circulates and a water cycle is created.

An indoor fountain can have a positive effect on the indoor climate in your living room, bedroom or bathroom, With gently gurgling water and atmospheric lighting, an indoor fountain creates a pleasant ambience for quiet hours at home.

2. Different types of indoor fountains: clean lines or playful shapes dominate

As part of the purchase advice in our Zimmerpringbrunnen comparison 2018, we have created an overview of the different categories of Zimmerbrunnen:

Fountain Artproperties
Figure fountain

Zimmerbrunnen comparison 2018: fountains

  • decorative sculpture look
  • z. B. as a Buddha fountain available
  • often with LED lighting
  • often plantable
  • partly suitable for outdoors
cascade fountain

Zimmerbrunnen comparison 2018: water

  • decorative waterfall look
  • z. B. in quarry design available
  • often with LED lighting
  • often plantable
  • partly suitable for outdoors
sphere fountain

Zimmerbrunnen comparison 2018: 2018

  • decorative fountain look
  • rarely with LED lighting
  • rarely plantable
  • partly suitable for outdoors
column fountain

Zimmerbrunnen comparison 2018: comparison

  • decorative column look
  • z. B. in bamboo design (indoor fountain Asian) available
  • often with LED lighting
  • rarely plantable
  • mostly suitable for indoors

Indoor fountain for the cat? Many pets do not drink enough. Does your cat also ignore the drinking bowl? A cat fountain with running water can encourage drinking cats to drink.

Zimmerbrunnen comparison 2018: water

3. You should be aware of this when buying a room fountain

3.1. Material: The most common is artificial stone

Most of the indoor fountains will be out stone (mostly polyresin) made. An artificial stone fountain has the advantage that it is much cheaper to produce and lighter in weight than a fountain made of real stone. Artificial stone is weather-resistant and can look deceptively real.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of artificial stone compared to real rocks at a glance:

  • looks deceptively similar to real rock
  • very light and easy to shape - visual variety in artificial stone wells
  • witterungsbeständing
  • cheap in production and purchase
  • not heat resistant
  • prone to sharp cleaners
  • can break easily when shaken

Select a model natural stoneso is the slate fountains the first choice. Slate water wells are often offered as Zen fountains (feng shui).

Also Sandstone fountain are popular but are more commonly used as garden fountains. The surface is slightly rough and sandy. The light color of the rock blends in well with gardens with large lawns.

marble fountain Marble is a very high quality and therefore expensive raw material, which is difficult to work due to its hardness, but it also looks very noble and is durable.

Also from ceramics and stainless steel Numerous indoor fountains are made. Ceramic or clay is a very soft material before firing, so that the wells in numerous different forms, eg. B. as a ball, are available. Stainless steel is relatively prone to scratches, but easy to clean.

3.2. Size: about 60 cm height

Room fountains are due to their size divided into the categories table and stalls wells and large wells.

  • Table fountain: up to 60 cm high, are usually placed on a table or similar piece of furniture
  • Stand well: between 60 cm and 240 cm high, are usually built as a water wall, "waterfall" or as a fountain with plants (eg in medical practices)
  • Great fountains: from 250 cm high, are usually placed in hotels and other public buildings

Zimmerbrunnen comparison 2018: 2018

4. FAQ: Questions and answers around the subject of indoor fountains

4.1. Which manufacturers and brands are recommended?

The largest selection of indoor fountains from different manufacturers and brands can be found online (eg Amazon). Also in the hardware store or in the furniture store you can find something.

Take advantage of the advantages of the online market to your advantage: You benefit from the variety of different products, the transparent price comparison basis and the experience reports of other buyers. How to find your personal Zimmerbrunnen test winner.

Low price models can be found by the brand Infactory. Here you spend for a cheap room well between 15 and 30 euros.

A bit expensive It is with brands such as Seliger and Arnusa: Here you should plan for the 50 to 150 euros. Models of these manufacturers are often bought because their high quality has proven on the market.

Get an overview of recommended manufacturers and brands that should not be missing in any Zimmerbrunnen test:

  • Arnusa
  • infactory
  • Mödling
  • Seliger
  • Heitronic
  • Pajoma
  • WeiVa
  • HoMedics
  • Philipi
  • Zen Light

4.2. How much water does a room well need?

How much water the room well needs depends on its size. Fill the well with the amount of water recommended by the manufacturer.

Check water level: Check the water level at regular intervals (at least twice a week), as the water level inevitably drops as a result of evaporation.

4.3. Can indoor fountains serve as humidifiers?

Evaporating water moisturizes the room air. Indoor fountains can also be used as humidifiers, For this the so-called "fogger function" is important. This produces fine spray.

If you use this function or a humidifier, you should make sure, according to Stiftung Warentest no model with ultrasonic atomizer to use. Through this technique, only cold water droplets are distributed in the room, which can easily spread bacteria in the air.

climate stabilizers: In addition to the room fountains, regular ventilation and plants distributed in the rooms naturally ensure a pleasant indoor climate.

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