Room to be painted by the painter: What are the costs?

Many do-it-yourselfers resort to brushes and rollers themselves, but there are also good reasons to let the painter paint a room: some people lack the time, others want a professional wall design. How much is the professional painting?

Delete room: the cost factors

The painter usually does not calculate the price for painting a room based on the square footage of the living space, but on the concrete area to be painted.

The careful masking of doors and windows means extra work, so these areas are usually not subtracted from the total square footage.

Expect to pay for the room at approximately the cost of 7 to 9 euros per square meter, including material and VAT. A special wall design costs more, even the painting of moldings will be charged extra.

Project example: Painting 40 sqm large living room

A family owns a 40 square meter living room that needs to be completely repainted. The client wants a simple coat of paint, there are decorative moldings on the ceiling.

  • 40 sqm ceiling area
  • 2.50 m ceiling height
  • Total wall length 28 m

The painter must therefore delete the following area: 40 square meters + 2.50 m x 28 m, which is a total of 110 square meters. For the painting of the moldings he charges 100 EUR surcharge.

Cost overviewprice
Flat rate per square meter8,50 EUR
Paint the moldings100 EUR
approach40 EUR
total1,075 EUR

Delete room: cut costs

If you have enough time, you can do the painting yourself. However, you should be advised in detail when choosing the wall color and pay particular attention to the opacity: Cheap color can be quite expensive overall, if you have to delete several times!

Tips & Tricks

Cancel the painting work from the tax, it is the item "household services". But you have to submit an invoice that lists material and labor costs separately! The tax office only recognizes the labor costs.

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