Rosewood - also a rosewood species

There are always conceptual confusions around the rosewood. The "real" rosewood is a special rosewood species, which must be distinguished from other woods with the same name. What properties Bahia Rosewood has, and what it looks like, you'll read in this post.

Technical values

Reading Descriptionvalue
densityapprox. 95 g / cm³ in fresh condition 1,100 - 1,200 kg / m³
Compressive strengthapprox. 77 N / mm²
flexural strength140 - 217 N / mm²

designation diversity

The botanical genus Dalbergia supplies various rosewood woods with some very similar characteristics. Bahia Rosewood (Dalbergia decipularis) is one of them.

Rosewood and Rosewood

However, other species are sometimes referred to as rosewood, in English, all rosewood "Rosewood". In addition, the term is also used for some other types of wood, which are not related to rosewood. To avoid confusion, you should always use the name Bahia rosewood.



Rosewood is small and scattered pores, the grain has a flamed appearance. It looks very decorative and striking.


The green color of the wood is yellowish with a clear pink tint. The decorative stripes are medium to dark red. The sapwood is whitish with a yellowish cast and usually shiny.


Rosewood is very hard, but very dense and brittle. The high hardness and the wood structure make it very difficult to work. However, it can be polished very well and then has a very decorative look with high gloss.

Shrinkage and drying

The drying takes place slowly and must be carried out very carefully. The shrinkage behavior of rosewood, however, is moderate.


Rosewood is well weather resistant and also highly resistant to fungal and insect infestation. However, due to the high value of the wood, outdoor use does not take place.


Rosewood is available only in very small quantities and is therefore only for luxury items and very high quality veneers and very precious furniture in use. Occasionally it is also used in piano making. A use as solid wood takes place because of the rarity hardly any more today.


Bahia rosewood occurs mainly in eastern South America. However, it is CITES - protected: The import requires an export license from the respective country as well as an import license. For this reason, only very small amounts in the trade.

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Tips & Tricks

If you mean Bahia Rosenholz in English, the exact translation is "Brazilian Tulipwood". "Brazilian Rosewood" refers to the (related) Rio rosewood wood.

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