Rotation laser comparison 2018

Purchase advice on the rotation laser comparison or test 2018

  • Whenever exact surveying and leveling work is required, in which rooms, alignment or other boundaries must be precisely measured, the rotary laser is used.
  • A 360° measurement, which can be done not only to the millimeter, but also over more than 100 meters, distinguishes this construction laser. It is mainly used on construction sites or major renovations.
  • A high-quality rotating laser intercepts vibrations by means of a so-called shock warning function, is controlled by a remote control and is dust and waterproof.

Rotation laser comparison 2018: comparison

If you want to lay tiles on the walls of your bathroom, accurately apply wall cabinets, or do creative paint work with the paint roller, you often do not come across a variety of individual tools.

Which devices the rotating laser replaces:

Rotation laser comparison 2018: rotation

  • Laser spirit level: You can level the measuring device horizontally using the spirit levels; The laser then extends your work surface by 5 meters or more.
  • Laser rangefinder: To measure rooms and their areas or volumes, you can either reach for the ruler or use a laser measuring device, which solves this task in a fraction of a second.
  • Laser Receiver: In order to optimize the inclination at larger distances and to find out particularly accurate measurement data, a laser receiver is usually essential.

If you buy the best rotary laser, you can do without many gauges or other leveling devices because This surveying device is a real professional tool with multiple applications.

In our Rotation Laser Comparison 2018 we are dedicated to high-quality brand leveling devices such as Rotary lasers from Bosch or Makita and explain what is important when measuring with the line laser.

1. Self-leveling, 150 meters range and millimeter precision: what a rotation laser test winner should be able to do

1.1. Inclinometer: When it really needs to be straight

Rotation laser comparison 2018: rotation

Line lasers or cross line lasers usually emit red Laser Class 2 lasers.

Slanted tiles, crooked cabinets and a crooked shelf may in exceptional cases be fashionable or fall into the category of modern design elements - unfortunately, such designs often turn out to be the result of bad surveying, You do not have to go to a spirit level or a ruler today to take measurements.

Modern laser distance measuring devices or tile lasers help you thanks to a automatic leveling to always work horizontally or vertically. A rotating laser with tripod is often self-leveling, which is usually achieved via integrated pendulum compensators. Would you like to test a non-automatic rotary laser, we recommend the purchase of a laser receiverwho can take the tilt measurement for you (similar to a leveling staff).

1.2. Range of the laser: It depends on the laser class

No matter whether you use a cross laser in the private sector or a rotating laser on the construction site: The laser class decides the intensity and the range of the laser beam. In an ordinary cross line laser z. B. mostly used the laser class 2, which is designed for a range of 5 to 50 meters.

A rotating laser with laser class 3R must be operated with safety goggles, but convinces with a range of more than 300 meters. Anyone who has to make surveys on a construction site with a construction laser usually can not avoid such a range.

Here you see the Advantages and disadvantages of laser class 2 opposite the laser class 3R:

  • Danger: Work without goggles possible
  • Replacement: Laser class 2 is more common than higher laser classes, repairs are less expensive
  • Reach: Often only up to 50 meters, not suitable for large projects
  • disorders: Sensitive to smoke or smoke that is not uncommon on construction sites

Rotation laser comparison 2018: 2018

1.3. Accuracy: Without fluctuations, no laser can get out

Even a self-leveling rotating laser with a tripod from Bosch does not go completely without it Discrepancies in the measurement out.

The good news is: At a distance of up to 10 meters you only have to expect a few millimeters of deviation.

The bad news: The higher the range, the less accurate a laser measures. Although the results are overall precise, but who wants to have it exactly, must resort to a laser receiver.

Laser: fast and accurate

Rotation laser comparison 2018: laser

Whether you are buying a costly or cheap rotary laser, the accuracy of leveling should be at least 10 meters at +/- 7 millimeters lie. The average is about +/- 2 millimeters Discrepancy.

When measuring always remember that the fluctuations increase with distance. Manufacturers often give the accuracy of their gauges with a value like +/- 0.3 millimeters per meter on. If your work area is over 30 meters, you will have to expect a fluctuation of +/- 1 centimeter. A solid crank stand and a rotary laser with receiver improve the result.

2. Purchasing advice: cross line laser or rotary laser - What type of measuring device should I buy?

If you are looking for a surveying device for the local construction site, you can choose between two high-quality leveling devices: the cross-line and the rotating laser. If you have not made your choice yet, we would like to introduce you to the following table Overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the two measuring devices Offer.

Cross Line Laserrotating laser

Rotation laser comparison 2018: comparison

Rotation laser comparison 2018: comparison

Manufacturer: MakitaManufacturer: Bosch
Product: SK102Z cross line laserProduct: GLR 300 HVG rotary laser
Price: about 150 eurosPrice: about 550 euros
Laser Class: 2Laser Class: 3R
Reach: 30 metersReach: 300 meters
Accuracy: +/- 0.3 mm / mAccuracy: +/- 0.1 mm / m
Self-leveling: YesSelf-leveling: Yes
orientation: +/- 4°orientation: +/- 5°
Laser Color: redLaser Color: green
Protection class: IP54Protection class: IP54
Function: Pulse function, line laser, magnetic mount, horizontal and vertical measurementFunction: Shock warning function, line laser, point laser, rotation mode, horizontal and vertical measurement
What matters:While the cross-line laser in the points of accuracy, self-leveling and alignment of the rotating laser is hardly inferior, the rotating laser stands out from its competitors in terms of range, features but also the price.

Rotation laser comparison 2018: comparison

Rotary laser: 360° laser knife

The name-giving rotation function of construction lasers works via prisms, whereby two common types prevailed:

  • deflecting prism: deflects the laser beam to the horizontal
  • Strahlteilerpisma: projects a soldering point vertically upwards

A motor then sets the rotatable prism in motion, allowing a 360° projection of the line laser.

You just want to hang a cabinet or a shelf? Then a cross-line laser is probably enough; Experienced craftsmen can also do the job with a laser spirit level.

  • Here it goes to the cross-line laser comparison
  • Here it goes to the laser spirit level comparison

But are you currently renovating your home or have one? Drywall in front of him, in which the measurement of spaces and escapes to regular activities, we recommend a high quality rotary laser set.

Although the price is much higher, it does The variety of functions of a good rotary laser saves you a lot of time in measuring and calculating - In addition, you need not be afraid of serious measurement errors.

If you buy a very high-quality rotary laser, you usually get a laser receiver, which increases the accuracy of the measurement results. Remember that way a laser receiver itself costs about 100 euros, which explains the high price of rotary lasers.

Laser blades are more accurate than ultrasound machines

Although Stiftung Warentest has not yet carried out a rotation laser test, a comparison between acoustic and optical measuring methods shows that laser measurement techniques, as in the case of rotary lasers, can boast very high precision.

If Stiftung Warentest publishes a rotation laser test, inform us here.

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