Remove a round cylinder

Round cylinders were until a few decades ago common security locks in the form of cylinder locks. Removing these locks is not always easy, as many of the round locks are already very old. Below we have put together a guide for you.

Use of round cylinder locks

Until the 1970s round cylinders found a wide distribution. They were considered the best security locks of their time. Correspondingly old are most of the round locks, which are to be expanded today. However, there are still the round locks to buy as a new castle. In Switzerland they are even today the standard castle.

Construction of the round cylinder

Basically round locks always work the same, but there are two different versions

  • with a threaded hole that can be reached from the front of the door leaf
  • without this fixing screw, only with a release mechanism

Which lock it is, you can see quickly from the front of the door leaf. The middle of three screws holds the lock cylinder. But then comes the difficult part of removing the round cylinder.

Step by step instructions for removing a round cylinder

  • suitable key for the round cylinder
  • rust remover
  • a paper clip, an approximately 1 mm thick wire or a corresponding small drill
  • Screwdriver for fastening the round cylinder
  • possibly a small hammer

1. Preparatory work

First, you should vigorously spray rust remover or penetrating oil into the key slots of the round cylinder. Allow the rust remover to work for at least 24 hours. Inside is a trigger mechanism that can get stuck and jammed over the years. If you already see the hole for the release mechanism, inject rust remover here as well.

2. Remove from the round cylinder

Now check if the round cylinder is fixed with a side screw. Open the door and look at the front of the door leaf for three screws. The middle one holds the round cylinder.

Then insert the key on the inside of the round cylinder. Now turn it slowly. At some point a small hole will be released. Here the triggering needle is introduced. However, it is not uncommon for the mechanism to jam.

In this case, you can also use a matching (old) metal drill that you can easily hammer in with a small hammer. If the mechanism is released, the round cylinder breaks down into two halves, which you can pull out on both sides.

Tips & Tricks

Inside and outside are easy to recognize. The lock cylinder core is slightly thicker on the outside, while on the inside of the surrounding wreath is slightly larger.

Often, the round cylinder locks to be removed are round cylinders from BKS. They have the hole for the trigger mechanism at about 8:00 or 4:00 clock.

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