Install round windows - step by step

Round windows make something, even if they are often verballhornt as portholes. But the prices are much higher than with a conventional window and the installation is much more difficult. Even the professional window manufacturers recommend to install round windows only as fixed glazed versions. How exactly this is done, we show here in the manual.

Install a round window step by step

  • round window
  • window dowels
  • building foam
  • Window sealing tape
  • calcareous sandstone
  • cement
  • sand
  • trowel
  • Maurerbalje
  • trowel
  • Flex
  • screwdriver
  • spatula
  • wedges
  • spirit level
  • Stirrer for drilling machine
  • drilling machine
  • drill

1. Prepare section

If there is no wall opening, keep it as small as possible. Nevertheless, a fall must be incorporated in a larger round window.

2. Fit the frame

First, fit the frame into the opening without the glazing. Although you install a round window, you should take the spirit level and check the vertical orientation in the wall. Then wed the window well.

3. Fasten the frame

Either with supplied window claws or with window plugs, the window is then anchored in the wall. Drill through the frame in the intended places and tighten the screws a little bit at a time. Then the wedges are removed and the space between the frame and wall filled with construction foam.

4. Insert the glazing

Whether you have installed the window correctly, notice at the latest now. If the glazing no longer fits, something has not been installed properly. The glazing is inserted into the frame with the appropriate gaskets. Then set up the supplied window bar.

5. Fill the masonry and plaster it

If the foam has dried well, you can cover larger areas with calcareous sandstone. Then you have to clean the window clean. Take your time, because the curves need a little patience.

Tips & Tricks

If your round window is used in a bricked wall, you should already have considerable experience in the walls. The stones later decoratively set in a circle around the window, even a bricklayer succeeds only with much patience and skill.

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