Milling table with stop

The router is now standard equipment for many DIY enthusiasts. Although you can handle a variety of creative and functional tasks with such a router, there is a significant disadvantage: a router is freehand, so loose, out. A milling table with stopper helps.

Creative and functional work with the router

With a router you can perform a wide variety of tasks. The figure and letter milling is also an interesting use as the copy milling of edges, arches, grooves and profiles. But if you want to carry out certain work with the right type of milling machine, even in small batches, you will quickly reach the limit.

The benefits of router table and stroke

The freehand milling is not suitable to produce any reproducible series. This requires an aid: a milling table with stop. Now milling tables are relatively expensive. For this they are extremely versatile in interaction with a stop:

  • Milling in fixed angles
  • mill reproducibly over corner
  • Milling with a certain angle of inclination

The hook with milling table and stop

Many of the milling jobs can actually be reproduced as desired. If only there was not the high price for a milling table with stop in the specialized trade. The self-construction of a milling table with stop is also a fairly comprehensive endeavor. Partially whole books are filled on this topic.

However, there are also a number of PDF manuals, but they are still very extensive. Therefore, there may be an alternative to the complete self-construction of a milling table with stop. Milling tables, for example, are offered relatively cheaply. Even in the lower double-digit euro range, you can buy a milling table. You just have to make sure that you can use this together with your router.

Build yourself time-consuming or buy cost-intensive

The self-construction of a stop remains still consuming, but the costs are significantly reduced by the purchase of a cheap Frästisches. Only, and then we come back to another point, can not be done with such a cheap milling table also not all of the possible steps. In any case, it will mean that you either invest a lot of time and build a corresponding milling table with a fence yourself. Or you take a few hundred euros in hand and acquire a corresponding milling table with stop.

From the working principle you can imagine such a milling table as a plotter or a CNC milling machine. Only that you work manually. But also all imaginable angles are possible. Of course, the purchase or self-construction of the milling table and fence is only worthwhile if you are actually working a lot with your milling machine.

Tips & Tricks

If you only need your router occasionally or if you only want to produce certain workpieces yourself, it could be a good idea to simply mill your workpiece in a contract operation. In some cases, there are providers who now accept individual piece orders from private customers. However, the unit cost will of course be higher, the fewer pieces are made in series.

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