Clean a router

Cutters are expensive to buy. Therefore, the tool inserts should also be well maintained and cleaned regularly. Especially with wood cutters, resins can stubbornly settle on the milling cutters. The possibilities of optimally cleaning and preserving your milling cutter are summarized below.

To find milling cutters in many home improvement workshops

In recent years, much has changed in home improvement. More and more tools are in the private workshop, which were found for a long time only in professional craft shops. So also lathe or milling machine. In particular, the router is hardly to imagine today. But the cutters used are high priced.

Suitable cleaning agents for milling cutters

Accordingly, they require cleaning and maintenance to ensure the longest possible service life. In particular, wood cutters are prone to sticking resins on the cutter. There are many ways to clean a router:

  • acetone
  • petroleum
  • oven cleaner
  • brake cleaner

In addition to the cleaning agent you need a small brush to then completely clean and rinse the cutter. Then you can apply machine or penetrating oil to keep the mill stainless. Important: during the entire process you must effectively protect any existing ball bearings.

Clean the cutter with acetone

Acetone is best suited. Even during the application of the detergent, the resins dissolve. You only have to rework very little with the brush. After the cutter is dry, you can oil and re-deposit it.

Cleaning the cutter with petroleum

With Petroleum you can clean a milling cutter just as efficiently. However, the petroleum must act a little when stubborn resins have set. After a certain exposure time, clean the cutter with the brush. Then the treatment is complete.

oven cleaner

Also oven cleaner is very good for removing dirt on a router. However, we generally advise against oven cleaners. Because not infrequently, the oven cleaner is also used for numerous other cleaning. The remedy is not without problems. On the one hand, there are significant differences in the composition of oven cleaners.

Depending on the ingredients, these oven cleaners can attack metals. Example: Oven cleaners are often recommended for cleaning aluminum or aluminum rims. After that, there is a bad adult because the metal was attacked. Therefore, we generally advise against oven cleaner. We also recommend our guide for cleaning tarnished aluminum.

Clean cutter with brake cleaner

Brake cleaners can also be used well. Greases and resins dissolve almost independently and hardly need to be reworked with the brush. But it also makes clear why the ball bearings have to be protected, as the brake cleaner has a grease-releasing effect. After cleaning the cutter with brake cleaner, it is rinsed, dried and finally oiled.

Tips & Tricks

Cutters open up many different job opportunities. Here you can read how you can use a cutter for acrylic glass (Plexiglas).

Video Board: How to Clean a Router Bit