The terraced house as a prefabricated house

The modern prefabricated building offers numerous advantages that are particularly evident in the construction of a terraced house. In this article you will learn the advantages and disadvantages of the terraced house as a prefabricated house and in what matters the massive house still has the nose ahead.

Easy organized, fast built

Buildings such as terraced houses are usually expensive to plan, as they are often much larger than ordinary houses. In this point, the prefabricated house already offers a clear advantage over the classic solid construction: Since the entire project is handled by one supplier, your prefabricated house company, and does not have to be planned with different construction companies, a large part of the effort is not required.

But not only the expenditure of the planning, but also the construction time is noticeably longer with a terraced house than with smaller houses. The prefabricated house can also boast about this topic: the prefabricated parts are completed within a few days, and the interior work can begin immediately.

The terraced house as a prefabricated house: house

The soundproofing: The massive house in front

When it comes to soundproofing, which is so important in terraced houses in particular, the massive house usually has one more advantage over the prefabricated house: its massive structure ensures insulation that, with sufficient material thickness, ensures optimum living comfort. This does not mean that finished row houses are poorly insulated: these, too, achieve high sound insulation, but do not have such a favorable structure as the massive house.

Growing individuality

If you decide today for a prefabricated house, you have a lot more options than just a few years ago: While the catalog used to be the complete basis for building a house, for many companies it is only a guideline that sets the rough direction. As the client you can customize your prefabricated house and thus optimally adapt to your requirements. Another argument why the prefabricated building is not a cheap industry, but serious competition to the massive house represents.

Tips & Tricks

Compare different prefabricated house companies to get an overview of prices and customizations. If you only inquire with one supplier, they have no possibility of comparison and may pay more for the same service than for other companies.

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