Terraced house or family house?

There are many ways to choose a new home, which makes the decision more difficult for many people. This article compares the terraced house with the family house, clarifies advantages and disadvantages of both types of house and answers the question in which house you live cheaper.

Economical and sensible: the terraced house

When it comes to the costs, the terraced house is usually cheaper than the detached house: Not only lower purchase prices, but also cheaper ancillary or heating costs are the reason for many people to opt for the terraced house. While most single-family homes are more remote, you may find centrally located properties as a prospect of a terraced house; a clear advantage.

But apart from the cost point, the terraced house offers clear disadvantages: If the insulation is not very good, the immediate neighborhood ensures a disturbing sound transmission. Even when it comes to living comfort, row house residents often have to compromise: Due to the generally smaller width, corridors, staircases and sometimes even living spaces are narrow.

Terraced house or family house?: terraced

The single-family house: highest living comfort

For a single-family home, it usually looks the other way around: While living comfort and privacy leave nothing to be desired, the cost of purchasing and operating is more expensive than the terraced house. Since you are separated from the neighborhood by usually sufficient distance, you have no problems with disturbing noises here. In addition, single-family homes are usually more spacious than terraced houses, which is particularly noticeable on the property: Garden and front yard are large, while enough space for a carport or a terrace remains.

As already mentioned, you have to raise more money at the family home: Not only the purchase is more expensive because of the size of the house and the associated property, but also the operation: The only insulation is the outside wall itself, no adjacent houses reduce the operating costs.

As you can see, both types of house offer clear advantages and disadvantages. While the terraced house is above all economical, the single-family home provides for a better quality of living in some areas.

Tips & Tricks

On the Internet you have countless possibilities to compare the prices of houses. This gives you a quick and easy overview of the differences between the row house and detached house, in terms of costs and equipment.

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