Rowenta VU 6520 Tower fan Eole Crystal im

Rowenta VU 6520 Tower fan Eole Crystal im: rowenta

The Rowenta brand has existed since 1909 and has become a renowned supplier of household and kitchen appliances in the company's history. Fans were added to the product range as part of a continuous range expansion.

The Rowenta VU 6520 tower fan Eole Crystal is one of them and offers many advantages thanks to its design and functionality. Whether the device also has negative properties, you will learn in our subsequent test report. We took a closer look at the wind machine.

Rowenta VU 6520 Tower fan Eole Crystal im: tower

Optics and workmanship

Anyone who values ​​design and does not want a fan that attracts attention due to its coarse appearance is well advised with the Rowenta VU 6520. The shapely tower fan can be comfortably set up on the floor and unobtrusively integrated into the existing facility. The entire construction is made of sturdy materials. All items have been carefully processed, so there is nothing wrong with the look. The base ensures stability and by placing the clearly arranged controls in the upper area, the fan can be comfortably operated. The entire form convinces with a simple character and a chic black surface.

Technical data and facts

In order to present the technical data and facts clearly, a list of the product details follows according to the manufacturer:

  • Color: Piano Black
  • digital control display
  • three speed levels
  • automatic oscillation
  • powerful tangential fan
  • especially quiet
  • handle
  • 40 watts
  • Dimensions: 92 x 22 x 20 cm
  • Weight: 5 kg

The table clearly shows what the additional functions bring:




automatic shutdown adjustable after 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours


Speed ​​changes in 80 second rhythm (random)

Sleep function

Speed ​​changes in 80 second rhythm (random)

Speed ​​slows down every 30 minutes

The functional test

The fact that manufacturers praise their products is understandable. For example, Rowenta recommends the VU 6520 tower fan Eole Crystal with the statement "Fresh wind in all rooms and very quiet". The tower fan is also rated positively on guidebook and product test portals such as and lands in the top ranks. Whether the manufacturer's promises are actually met, turns out only during operation. In our bump test it stands out first that the VU 6520 tower fan Eole can be handled very comfortably. All settings can be made conveniently. The control panel is logical and easy to understand. Regardless of whether you control the fan on the display or via remote control - setting various levels and modes is easy.

Image placement panel

Due to the space-saving design as a tower fan, it takes up little space even in small rooms. The black product cover is inconspicuous and adapts to any interior. The practical carrying handle facilitates transport in the living environment and thus the flexible use in different rooms. The cooling capacity of the individual stages is convincing. The airflow is pleasant and refreshing. An advantage in rooms like bedrooms is the quiet operation. The device makes even in the highest level hardly any noise. Due to the additional functions tension is prevented by drafts, which is pleasing in everyday life. Through the air flow veriator, the speed changes permanently. Also, the sleep function is convenient because it allows you to fall asleep with a soothing breeze. The speed does not just change, it slows down. A timer adds to the functional repertoire. The device can be set to automatically switch off after one, two, four or eight hours, as needed.

Two disadvantages, however, the Rowenta VU 6520 tower fan Eole. For one thing, the plastic surface is sensitive to scratches. Already when dusting the device, it may come to light scratches depending on the used cloth. On the other hand, the key lighting is almost too strong, which can be distracting when sleeping.

maintenance effort

As it is perfectly normal for fans to get rid of dust over time, this is also the case with Rowenta tower fans. Dust accumulates in the delicate interstices of the protective grille. With a brush nozzle of the vacuum cleaner this is removed without much effort. The black surface of the device is prone to scratches and fingerprints diminish the appeal gradually. With a fine microfiber cloth, the wind machine can be cleaned.

Our conclusion

Our conclusion on the Rowenta VU 6520 tower fan Eole is quite positive. The value for money is good and the functional features are impressive. The device meets all everyday expectations and serves as a cooling companion in the summer. The airflow is pleasant, the operation simple and the appearance appealing.

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