Grind off rust - that's how it works

Everything made of metal should always be checked regularly for rust. If the first signs of rust are visible, you should immediately grind the rust and treat the rust. Otherwise, it can come very quickly to rust. How to grind rust properly, you can read here.

Prevention of rust

To prevent corrosion of the metals, always make sure that the protective surface layer is intact. Damage to the paint or the material itself are very often the starting points for subsequent corrosion.

Therefore, always repair paint damage as soon as possible. If any rust has formed on the damaged area, remove it completely and use a rust converter before repainting.

Always make sure that there are risks that favor the formation of rust. This can be flying stanchion storage of nearby railroad tracks, but also the action of corrosive agents, such as acids, alkalis or other aggressive substances. Salt water and salty sea air also promote corrosion.

Types of rust on metal parts

  • Rust: The rust has settled only on the surface as small dots
  • Corrosion of the metal part: the rust has already attacked the metal and converted its surface.
  • Efflorescence in the paint
  • Contact corrosion: This is due to incompatibilities of adjacent metals, so you have to look for the cause here and fix them.

Sanding off rust - step by step

  • Phosphoric acid, cola
  • abrasive paper
  • rust converter
  • wire brush
  • possibly grinder

1. Assess condition

Take a close look at the affected part. Are there any other signs of rust besides the visible rust spots? Are there any efflorescence or rough spots in the paint? Is there damage to the surface? Where is the rust? How deep are the individual rust spots? Is there any metal left or is it completely rusted through?

2. Remove large rust spots

Use the grinder and matching sanding paper to sand the grate area until you see bare metal everywhere. Afterwards remove all rust marks from the metal part by sanding. Slight traces of rust can also be removed with phosphoric acid. He is the best rust remover there is.

3. Post-treatment

Be sure to coat the ground areas with rust converter before repainting.

Tips & Tricks

If you do not want to handle phosphoric acid, just use ordinary Coke. It also contains phosphoric acid.

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