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  • Rust converters combat rust by chemically altering it, turning it from porous and brittle material into a solid bond that is no longer susceptible to corrosion. Iron oxide becomes iron phosphate.
  • The car is a popular location for the rust remover, which can be used wherever steel and iron are prone to rust. It is available both as a liquid, spray and as a gel - depending on the required precision in the application.
  • After application, the surface is not only protected against recurrent rust, but can often be painted directly. This is because the rust converter often also has a primer function.

Rust Converter Comparison 2018: rust

Iron is a building material that is used for a variety of purposes in rough amounts. In 2015 alone, Germany exported steel and iron worth almost 21 million euros (Source: Federal Statistical Office). What iron is also known for is its susceptibility to rust, which causes millions of dollars worth of damage each year, If you want to tackle this decomposition process, Rust Converter is cheap. What this chemical aid does and how you can find your own personal rust converter will be explained in our rust converter comparison 2018.

1. From porous to stable - The rust converter effect

For the sake of the environment

Earlier rust converter types used substances such as for conversion into iron phosphate Chromates, cadmium or lead, Since these substances have been shown to have very negative environmental effects, they are no longer used today. As early as 2010, Stiftung Warentest also reported that the then popular Turkish product Por Çöz was banned in Germany due to the risk of chemical burns and hazardous gases. However, it does not offer its own rust converter test.

Unlike precious metals such as gold or silver, iron is reactive and also likes to interact with oxygen and liquids to our chagrin, The resulting rust makes it porous and spreads steadily. The rust converter, which is also called rust converter or rust remover, starts here and works with what he has available.

He can not turn the rust back into iron, but the rust itself in a stable, new connection ummodeln, This is achieved by the contained phosphoric acid, which makes the iron oxide of the rust to iron phosphate. The same thing works with tannins that use some rust converter brands instead of phosphorus.

When the transformation process is complete, the iron phosphate is even so that it can no longer rust itself. Effective rust control can hardly turn out at the end. An added plus is that some converters at the same time have a priming effect that allows paint to adhere to it, If you want to make not only harmless to the car rust, but also visually invisible, the rust remover can help you by saving a step and additional purchase of primer.

Clean well before: It is important that the grate is previously cleaned of other debris so that the rust converter can be effective. In addition, they make the process a lot easier if you could allow the grate to be ground beforehandwith an angle grinder, a sandblaster or a brush. This smoothes the uneven rust layer and makes the application of the rust converter much more effective.

Before we bring you closer to the details that make up the best rust converter, we show you the most common pros and cons of the rust remover:

  • turns rust into useful, rust-free iron phosphate
  • is suitable as a primer
  • inexpensive
  • no regression to iron possible
  • Surfaces no longer shine after application

2. Tough or fluid? Rust converter has different consistencies

Depending on the area of ​​application you want to use the rust converter, another form is suitable. That's why there are rust converters in different viscosity levels:

  • gel
  • liquid
  • spray

We tell you what you should use when:

2.1. gel

Rust Converter Comparison 2018: comparison

Rust converter can be spread well as a spray, but only inaccurately.

If the grate you want to treat is above you on the ceiling or on metal surfaces that are vertical, it needs rust remover that can remain in these positions and not yield to the laws of gravity. As a tough gel, it has better adhesion than in liquid form, Also, when it comes to precision when applying and metal surfaces in the immediate vicinity should not be affected, the gel is better. But it comes in poorly accessible places to its limits.

2.2. Liquid

This shows a strength of the liquid rust converter. Optionally, he can with a roller, a brush or a spray gun be applied. It is easy to disperse, especially in the case of extensive rust attack. However, if the surface is too steep, it quickly drips and drips and gets to places where it should not.

2.3. spray

As a spray rust converter is also very comfortable to install. It makes for a protective film and Thanks to the fine particles, it also lays in the smallest openings, At the same time, the wide distribution is very unfavorable if you want to tackle the rust at certain points.

3. What other means are there against rust?



Rust Converter Comparison 2018: comparison

Rust inhibitors should be used if the metal has not corroded yet, Again, a permanent rust protection should be achieved. This can be done by means of different substances, e.g. by silicone spray, rust protection paint, oils and varnishes and various chemicals.

A protective layer is created by this, but only seal, but can not fight already existing rust.


Rust Converter Comparison 2018: converter

Rust is iron dust that flies through the air and eventually lands on the surface of metal, like on cars. He then reacts with liquid or humidity and looks quite disconcerting.

Many cars appear as if they were affected by a reddish rash, but the Rust is quite harmless, because it is not decomposing rust, which penetrates into the material, With softening rust remover he can be solved and then wash off.

Also coke can help: Already knew? The sweet drink, which you have probably consumed in a completely different way, can also be used to combat rust. The magic word is also called here: phosphoric acid, This is also included in cola and can have a rust converting effect if you put appropriate items in it for a few hours.

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